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Saturday, March 21, 2020 

Valiant editor Heather Antos despises capitalism

Former Marvel editor Antos, now employed by Valiant, let know what she thinks of capitalism while ranting about problems with plane flight booking:

So because they can't service her at a time when Coronavirus is posing a serious problem going forward, she has to drag capitalism into all this? It doesn't make any sense. If socialism were the norm, would she have a different response?

She even wrote:

Isn't that kind of like confirming it's a lousy paying business, not unlike animation? In any case, what she says is anything but true, even if the big bucks aren't to be found in comicdom. Of course, based on her past track record at Marvel, she certainly doesn't seem to have gotten into the business for entertainment purposes so much as she did for the sake of imposing her social justice beliefs onto the products at hand.

If she looked under a microscope, she'd notice most corporations are run by vehement leftists like herself, who are anything but capitalists, though they sure love exploiting the concept for foisting products like what she oversaw at Marvel onto unwitting consumers.

Translation: she doesn't want any customers to buy what she's working on now at Valiant. I guess she just took the job for...the paycheck. Artistic merit must not be relevant here.

One more thing she posted:

According to the American Kennel Club, at least 2 did in China, and though there don't seem to be any further reports of the same so far, there are still some forms of chemicals stemming from Corona that can infect them. The CDC also advises caution when dealing with pets at a time like this, so it's awfully naive to assume pets like dogs and cats are totally immune to these diseases.

People like Antos are just why comicdom is collapsing.

Update: Israel National News reports that 2 housecats and a tiger at a city zoo tested positive for Corona infections. So that proves animals aren't immune, contrary to what Antos may believe.

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Please be more careful about posting inaccurate or incomplete health information in the midst of a global pandemic. There are no chemicals stemming from Corona; viruses don't work like that. There is a report that two dogs in China tested postive for the coronavirus, but no indication that they had any symptoms of disease from it, and medical experts do not think contact with pets is a risk for people to contract the disease. The CDC is not advising "caution when dealing with pets at a time like this"; they are advising the same sanitary measures that they recommend in normal times.

This kind of reporting has IRW consequences; it can lead to people abandoning or killing their pets out of unwarranted fear.

I will always be grateful to Antos for the Gwenpool book. It was a clever, funny, well-plotted book that was different from anything else on the stands, innovative while respecting and enhancing past continuity. At a time when Marvel seems to be damping down on creativety and emphasizing endless spin-offs from the same old same old, books like that are really missed.

Antos is a glorifed booth babe. I saw a bunch of fugly looking nerds lining up to get her to autograph comics she edited at a convention. From what I saw, her editing skills were not what attracted them to her. She was wearing a ridiculous amount of makeup. The cosplayers weren't wearing as much makeup as Antos.

"This kind of reporting has IRW consequences; it can lead to people abandoning or killing their pets out of unwarranted fear." Stop being such a fucking retard. If pets can test positive, they can transmit it. Corona came from another mammal ,initially, so it's entirely possible that pets, that are also mammals, that test positive can transmit it to humans.

Stan Lee wore a toupee. It didn't make him a bad editor. Wearing make-up and trying to stand out and look attractive to the fans doesn't have anything to do with a person's editing skills. Stop talking like a bitchy mean girl caricature in a bad teen movie.

The science is that the coronavirus is transmitted human to human, and it is suspected that it came originally from bats; no indication at all that dogs or cats can fall ill from the virus or that they can transmit it to humans.

"she'd notice most corporations are run by vehement leftists like herself, who are anything but capitalists"

It is more complicated than that. RIch people tend to be liberal culturally, accepting of all kinds of lifestyles and eccentricities, at least among fellow rich people. And they have no hesitation in taking money from all kinds of people. They don't want anyone to prevent their daughters from getting abortions if they have an unwanted pregnancy. But they lean right economically, following the Republican agenda; they want to pay lower taxes and they want to get more government grants and benefits and contracts for businesses. Big corporations give more of their political donations in the US to the Republicans, although they also give smaller amounts to Democrats as insurance, to make sure that if the Democrat does get in he will take their calls.

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