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Wednesday, June 17, 2020 

Seattle's comicon is cancelled for this year

Q13-Fox reports that Emerald City Comicon and PAX's management have called off their conventions for this year due to worries about Coronavirus:
Organizers with Emerald City Comic Con and PAX West announced Tuesday that both events are cancelled this year. The main reason, according to organizer ReedPop, is because of concerns over COVID-19.

A statement on the ECCC event website reads in part: "Because of this, and after many discussions with the convention center, exhibitors, artists and fans, we have made the excruciating yet necessary decision to cancel Emerald City Comic Con 2020 in Seattle."

ECCC typically brings in close to 100,000 visitors each year. Originally, the event was scheduled for March, but with the outbreak just starting in the region at the time, organizers had pushed it back to August.

The decision to cancel outright however will have an economic impact in the region.

Michael Nazar, owner of Phoenix Comics, said he depends on the foot traffic the convention brings in each year to increase his business' revenue.

"I've been watching other conventions cancel. And to have a convention as large as Emerald City and then delay and then cancel didn't surprise me. I was a little sad," said Nazar.
What if the decision also stems from the post-George Floyd riots that have impacted Seattle as much as several other areas around the USA? At this moment, right around the corner from ECCC, there's several neighborhoods in Seattle that have been taken over by Antifa and BLM activists while police patrols are almost non-existent. It's gotten to the point where a car lot's owners were attacked for detaining a trespasser while police took no action. That's already likely to have an economic impact as well. And who knows how many chain infections of Corona occurred while all these riots took place? For now, when there's a serious case of mafia violence going on very close by, valid worries can be brought up that it might impact the comics conventions as well, and that's another reason why these 2 conventions might've been cancelled, even if it wasn't mentioned.

The ECCC is going to hold a virtual convention, and NBC's San Diego branch reported the SDCC management's going to run one too, although they say:
...Many fans are hoping that Kevin Feige will come out with a surprise Marvel Studios panel, which could happen, even though they were scheduled to skip this year after tearing the house down last summer.
Oh, who needs to hear about Feige? After he announced the Marvel movie machine was going to go woke, whatever he'd have to announce is nothing to get excited about. Maybe that's why the cancellation of these events is nothing to be too disappointed about.

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Comic stores are 100% flammable product, they won't survive in the "post police" world. But since they are run by leftys its only chickens coming home to roost. Maybe they can make a BLM/Antifa themed super hero whose power is to destroy civilized life.

Most superheros are already very anarchistic. They do things their own way rather than follow a command structure, they don't play by the rules that cops are supposed to follow, and they don't have moral qualms about punching out nazis. So, antifa. There are no pro-fa superheros, only some profa villains.

I suspect DragonCon here in Atlanta will follow something similar especially after the rioting in that city over a guy being shot due to trying to resist arrest near a Wendys.

As far as Superheroes, no, they aren't antifa at all. Yes, they might not technically be part of the police force, but they sure as heck don't try to hunt down and exterminate the police and are also more willing to work with the police than go against them, still believing in law and order ultimately (and justice is PART AND PARCEL of law and order). And you are aware that Antifa actually has Hitler quotations, right?



You want someone who's actually LIKE antifa? Try Joker. Heck, try some characterizations of Anarky.

Antifa actually has Hitler quotations? Not in that video they don't!

The video shows a group of ordinary people who are politely allowing anyone who wants to to take a turn at the microphone. A nazi troll gets up and says he is a veteran, and they all applaud. Then he starts lamely reading a series of quotes from Hitler; the audience listens without enthusiasm, and start looking at each other dubiously. When he finally finishes, there is a smattering of courteous, polite applause, less than at the beginning when he got up to speak, and one of the organizers tries to get him to sign their petition; he is obviously a stranger to them. Then he walks off, snickering into his buddy's camera about how he got the crowd to clap at Hitler quotes.

There is no one out there trying to hunt down and exterminate police, from any political faction. Defunding is not extermination. District attorneys putting police officers who kill on trial for murder is not extermination. Even burning police cars, bad as it is, is not extermination.

Joker is a homicidal loner. Anarchists believe in community, and that when you get rid of force from above, people will connect with each other and work things out for themselves. Not the same thing. Those police-free blocks in Seattle are like a laboratory to see if that can work; it will be interesting to see if it does or not.

The only person who has been arrested for having a pattern of killing law enforcement officers at or near the protests is Steven Carillo, a right-wing boogalouie who has been accused of killing a courthouse guard and a sherrif's deputy down in California, and injuring others. As he wrote, “Go to the riots and support our own cause. Use their anger to fuel our fire. Think outside the box. We have mobs of angry people to use to our advantage.”

There are other right-wing activist provocatuers who have been arrested and charged, and there is reasonable suspicion that the fire at the Atlanta Wendy's, and some of the violence in Minneapolis, was a deliberate attempt by right-wing extremists to stir up confrontation, but Carillo seems to be the only one deliberately trying to exterminate cops.


Ah, if they clapped at Hitler quotes, that actually speaks badly about them. I'm pretty sure if they truly were anti-fascist, they'd actually BOO him off the stage when he started quoting him.

And as far as the Joker reference, I was referring more to Dark Knight's rendition of him. That, and also the one from Injustice 2's ending, this bit right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hZby1M8Fd8 He explicitly stated he recreated the world to basically have people and aliens slaughtering each other in the most sickening of ways while he "enjoyed the show." That's what anarchism truly is like.

And maybe you haven't noticed, but Weathermen and Lenin, the guys who advocated for this crap going on, ALSO attempted to outright exterminate the cops, even planting bombs during the 1970s in the case of the Weathermen. Don't get me started on the Anarcho-syndicalists. And the only ones who claimed him to be right-wing are the leftist media, the guys lying to you constantly.

Have to admit, I prefer the Joker-as-criminal story lines to the ones with Joker as cosmic god of destruction. I prefer the other endings to Injustice 2.

It is interesting that the mainstream conservative and liberal media discuss Carillo’s white supremacist ideology, while the Trumplican MSM just sort of slides over that when they report on him. Doesn’t that hole in their coverage raise any red flags? But if you read only what you want to hear and decide that everyone else is lying without hearing what they have to say, it just becomes a GIGO kind of thing.

How do you reconcile the image of anarchists wanting to slaughter people - which comes from a video-game that has nothing to do with anarchism - with the actual footage of nice polite people creating a circle in which no-one dominates and everyone, even a weird nazi troll, is able to get up and speak his piece? They are so nice they are practically Canadian. If they don’t boo him off the stage, but instead politely clap for him in a ‘bless your heart, thank you for sharing even though I have no idea what you were going on about” kind of way, doesn’t that show that they aren’t the bogeymen and bogeywomen you have been told they are?

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