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Wednesday, July 22, 2020 

More creators attack Comicsgate, desperate for attention

So here we got more creators hoping to obscure the "comics pledge", phony as it was to start with, because they desperately need something to take out their anger on. First, Matthew Erman, who's worked for Oni-Lion Forge and IDW. He says:

Okay, Mr, Erman, you wanted attention so desperately, you got it. You so firmly believe Jack Kirby's legacy, for example, should be turned inside out by ideologues under the shield of diversity, instead of creating their own new characters, and then you accuse the same people who admire Black Panther, Misty Knight, Black Lightning, Luke Cage, Storm and Vixen of everything from racism to sexism, all the while looking the other way when it comes to racism and sexism in the industry proper. We get the picture.

Besides Erman, there's also a comics and film writer named David Avellone, who's quitting Dynamite because of their DeLay deal:

If he's got any ultra-leftist and/or sex-negative politics harbored, let's just say we're hugely disappointed he has to be so narrow. But no matter, his announcement is merely a good way to know whose works we can avoid in the future if we so choose.

Well gee, if Avellone had considered that partisan politics like his can be very alienating, maybe there wouldn't be a CG, if at all. I wonder what he'd say if a particular Dynamite fan declared today that, if they weren't a CG backer before, he/she intends to become one now for the sake of meritocracy campaigning? Guess he'd insist they never were fans, in his narrow POV. In any event, he's welcome to make a departure from comicdom altogether, for all we care.

Next is a writer/artist named Zac Thompson:

Well if that's the way you want it, so be it, but why be so foul-mouthed about it? Doesn't that kinda undercut the intended impact? Too many people use too much profanity these days in a supposed attempt to make a point. And if you think it's all grifting, well...what do you think all this social justice idiocy happens to be? Thompson's declaration that CG is a hate group sounds far more like the belief of a 9-11 Truther - he's not saying it because he thinks it's true, but rather, because he wants it to be, and clearly doesn't want it to be an honest movement with positive values.

Since we're on the subject, maybe the most interesting news in relation to this manufactured controversy is Screen Rant's revelation artist Ethan van Sciver led relations with Dynamite's manager, Nick Barucci:
According to Comicsgate leader/spokesperson Ethan Van Sciver, Dynamite Entertainment CEO Nick Barruci has been secretly working alongside the group, criticized by many as an online harassment campaign, since 2018 - a decision that has apparently urged Van Sciver to break his silence as to the extent of Barucci's support up to this point. The news comes a day after multiple artists and writers denounced Dynamite for working alongside Comicsgate. [...]

Van Sciver revealed on his live stream that Barrucci initially reached out to him "as a friend" following Van Sciver's dismissal from DC Comics. "Nick reached out to me and said, 'wanna do some business? You wanna make some money? We'll help you out where you need. I can advise you, I can tell you where to go. I can help you learn to make your own comics,'" while also offering him work on Dynamite variant covers to put "a little more money in your pockets." Van Sciver says he cautioned Barucci about 'social justice warriors' finding out about the pair's business arrangement. Van Sciver said Barucci was consistently involved in his work from creator to self-publisher, saying "Nick taught me everything I know so far about publishing," and credited Dynamite with helped him create his Comicsgate project's playing cards.
I guess this'll compound the decision of anybody faux-outraged over Dynamite's recent directions to part ways with them. It also unmasks SR as a news site run by some truly grimy sources looking only for controversy to undermine comicdom. So again, if Avellone decides to split from their employment in light of the revelations, no matter how good the wages are, that's fine. For people like him, this must be truly humiliating news to learn they worked for somebody with a fairly open mind.

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Van Sciver's comments don't make sense. If the publisher wanted to conceal his relationship with the frog man, why would he have published variant covers drawn by him? And if they are such close friends, why is van Sciver breaking silence now, at a time when it can only hurt the publisher? Either he is throwing a friend under the bus for the sake of publicity, or van Sciver thinks that by further isolating Dynamite from the normies he can force the company into his camp. Either way, what he says about the sworn to secrecy ceremony is not believable or exaggerated for effect.

So, do you believe in cancel culture or think it is a menace?

|"Thompson's declaration that CG is a hate group sounds far more like the belief of a 9-11 Truther - he's not saying it because he thinks it's true, but rather, because he wants it to be, and clearly doesn't want it to be an honest movement with positive values."

I don't think you are being entirely fair to Avellone. He does give a series of reasons why he thinks CG is a hate tweetery. They include "They have built a platform that idolizes racists and bigots. They target marginalized creators and use massive hate campaigns to belittle those that threaten to stand up to them.... threatened by a very needed and very welcome tide of change where their tastes no longer represent the majority." He also points out how shady or has-been creators raise crowd-funding on the basis of politics and Youtube snark rather than merit, under the comicsgate banner.

He also draws on his own personal experience of Comicgate, mentioning how he was treated in an ugly fashion by self-proclaimed comicsberators like Richard Meyer and Van Sciver because of his political views.

So no, nothing like the belief of a 9-11 Truther. He is off on a lot of things - CG tastes were never in the majority - but his beliefs are reasoned and based on thought and experience. He may be off-base, but he is not brainwashed.

I had thought that comicsgate had collapsed at the same time as gamerhate and the alt-white movement, and what with all the sniping between Meyer, Vox Day (who now calls comicsgaters immature neo-cons) and Van Sciver. Surprised to see it is still an issue.

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From Anonymous:

"He also draws on his own personal experience of Comicgate, mentioning how he was treated in an ugly fashion by self-proclaimed comicsberators like Richard Meyer and Van Sciver because of his political views."

This has been said by tons of CG detractors. They all have ONE thing in common. No proof because it didn't happen. Those tweets claiming harassment are NEVER accompanied by screenshots.

I have seen a LOT of harassment, fixing, threats and general nastiness from the detractors and whisper networks, but not from Meyer, Van Driver, Malin, Cecil, etc.

Tonebone, you have not been looking very far. On Meyer, you can check out all the references attached to:


To quote only one bit about Meyer at the end:

Of one creator, Matt Santori-Griffith, he said “[Matt Santori] is a fucking fag. He’s just this like flouncing-like super dramatic. Everything is rape, everything is harassment, everything bigotry. I’ve actually found that’s fairly common. One of the things is just like these people they don’t have lives; they don’t have families.” [158] And also infamously called Heather Antos a “Cum dumpster.” Who was only hired because the man who hired her, Jordan White, only wanted her around as his personal sex toy [11] [158]. And, oh dear lord. Are you beginning to see why people don’t like this guy?

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