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Tuesday, July 21, 2020 

Some selfish posts by Alanna Smith

Here's some tweets by Marvel editor Alanna Smith, one of the most far-left on their staff. For example:

I think this sums up what she really thinks of Stan Lee, who's one of those "cis white men". So, why's she still working at Marvel anyway? And doesn't it count that Frank Cho had his defenders, until he stupidly had to open his mouth and curse Comicsgate? Oh, geez. There's more:

Look who's talking. Somebody who's editing the Muslim Ms. Marvel series, which pushes a hatemongering Religion of Peace hurtful to women. Yawn. Speaking of which, she also retweeted some old news from last year, seen in the following:
So she's siding by extension with a possible Islamic student at Harvard who was originally deported after traces of social media posts were found on his phone/computerized equipment. According to him:
An incoming Harvard University freshman was booted back to his home in Lebanon when he tried to enter the US β€” and blamed his deportation on his pals’ anti-American social media posts.

[...] β€œAfter the 5 hours ended, she called me into a room, and she started screaming at me. She said that she found people posting political points of view that oppose the US on my friend[s] list.”

Ajjawi, who is Palestinian and lives in Lebanon, insisted he’d never made any political posts and shouldn’t be penalized for his friends’ actions.
But what if he did, and the MSM won't acknowledge this? We seem to be only hearing his side of the affair. In any case, he was able to persuade authorities to reverse the decision, after student groups petitioned for it. But the company he keeps is still very reprehensible, and if he continues to lead connections with those kind of people, he's not improving his image. Nor for that matter is Smith, if she thinks this is what makes a great ideological platform to boost.

But if women say or do something offensive, that's not wrong? It's alternately funny/sad how she's blaming Comicsgate indirectly, over something where I don't remember seeing anybody actually claiming to be part of it. Namely, the supposed honor with milkshakes for Florence Steinberg, whom I assume is the lady she's talking about. Speaking of Steinberg, what's really hilarious, and Smith probably doesn't know this, is that, when Fabulous Flo returned to work at Marvel as a proofreading editor in the 1990s, she did the proofreading for the Marvel Swimsuit Specials, where not just men, but also women like Amanda Connor drew boobs. The above tweet does suggest Smith despises that, and now that I think of it, Marvel may not have hired lady artists for quite a while, or at least, not those who have no issues like she laughably does. And while the CBLDF does/did have some scummy staffers working there, such as Charles Brownstein, who's since been exiled, I get the feeling this has little to do with them, since she doesn't give any clear citations, and apparently buys into the whole "believe all women" garbage bin mentality that's caused only so much damage to society. That she resorts to scapegoating, no matter how indirect, is another huge letdown.

All this is little more than attempt to obscure how she's active in turning Marvel's properties inside out at the expense of more talented people who came before her, including Marie Severin, for example. The most talented women in comicdom today, artists and writers alike, are the ones not working for Marvel or DC, but rather, for independent publishers.

An anti-war story, you say? Well at least she's being honest in how far to the left she leans. But it's still no excuse. And she'd do well not to insist she honors Flo Steinberg, because it's long been clear the whole milkshake controversy was manufactured for the sake of an agenda. Smith is such a disappointment, and shouldn't be keeping a Twitter page just for all this ranting.

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"Marvel may not have hired lady artists for quite a while, or at least, not those who have no issues like she laughably does."

They have actually had some very good ones lately - Natacha Bustos, Alitha Martinez, Amy Reeder, Sara Pichelli, among others. But, yes, she is right, the superhero industry is dominated by men even if there is a minority of very talented women.

Why do you think her posts are selfish? I get that you disagree with them, but what is selfish about them?

"An incoming Harvard University freshman was booted back to his home in Lebanon when he tried to enter the US."

"Sudden Jihad syndrome" is a real thing and it kills. Ask Ms. Smith if she is in favor of removing the gun rights from people who threaten Islamics on social media.

"An anti-war story, you say? Well at least she's being honest in how far to the left she leans."

Who in their right mind is pro war?

Certainly not Donald Trump, who evaded military service and boasts that "I have been actively getting our great and beautiful Country out of the ridiculous and costly Endless Wars."

Maybe the anti war story shows she is a right-winger, or a conservative.

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