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Sunday, August 09, 2020 

Marvel cancels a Ghost Rider and Dr. Strange series before all issues are completed

More suggestions Marvel is feeling the economic effects of the Corona pandemic, as Newsarama reported they've canceled a Ghost Rider volume 2 issues and 2 specials short of completion:
Marvel Comics has canceled the ongoing comic book series Ghost Rider after seven issues. Series writer Ed Brisson announced the cancelation on Twitter.

[...] The Ghost Rider title was solicited through #9 prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once comics distribution resumed after a pandemic-influenced shutdown, Ghost Rider #7 - which was originally intended to go on sale April 8 - was released on July 8.

[...] Prior to the COVID-19 comics distribution shutdown, Marvel solicited a Ghost Rider #8 and #9, along with two one-shots: Empyre: Ghost Rider #1 and Ghost Rider Annual #1. Empyre: Ghost Rider #1's release was already considered canceled due to its dis-inclusion from a revised checklist of Empyre tie-ins released in June.

Those four issues have not been re-solicited, and Brisson's announcement of the series cancelation with #7 would seemingly close the door on them being published later - especially issues #8 and #9.
Then there's a Doctor Strange series that's been shut down in a similar manner:
The current volume of Marvel Comics' ongoing Doctor Strange comic book series has come to a somewhat surprising end with this week's Dr. Strange #6. The surprise finale was confirmed in a letter from series writer Mark Waid and artist Kev Walker on the final page of the issue.

[...] Waid wrote all six issues of the series, as well as 20 issues of the preceding volume of Doctor Strange. A seventh issue was initially solicited for release in June, prior to industry-wide delays caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

[...] This is the latest in a string of ongoing comic cancelations by Marvel following the sudden ends to Black Panther & the Agents of Wakanda, Ghost Rider, and Strikeforce.

After all the PR disasters Waid caused over the past several years with his repellent politics and getting himself sued by a graphic novelist for tortious interference, not many are likely to be sorry this Dr. Strange volume's gone down the drain. IMO, the Sorceror Supreme hasn't seen a good series since the turn of the century, ever since Joe Quesada first got his foot in the door, and let's not forget Bill Jemas either. What all these cancellations of lower selling titles starring 3rd tier characters before the last issues may have been solicited means is that Marvel has taken a considerable blow to their sales. The 4 dollar-plus cover price is no improvement at a time when people want to spend their money more carefully during the pandemic.

It's going to be very difficult for Marvel to recover from this, and based on their conduct ever since Quesada came about, not to mention Sana Amanat, that's what they get for driving away their audience.

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"After all the PR disasters Waid caused over the past several years with his repellent politics and getting himself sued by a graphic novelist for tortious interference, not many are likely to be sorry this Dr. Strange volume's gone down the drain."

Most readers have no idea about Waid's politics or his personal affairs; we only care about the stories themselves.

I, on the other hand have been following the comics gate saga for a couple of years now and this is all very interesting. Normally, I'd say Disney has such deep pockets that they couldn't care less about Marvel sales - which is how they've been treating the properties by forcing SJW politics down reader's throats. But things change and Disney is hurting - which is good for anyone who thinks companies should cater to customers and not function as exercises in social justice posturing to satisfy executive vanity. I guess you could say it's an ill wind that blows no good.

It is more that, given distribution problems, Marvel is cutting the number of comics it is putting out. This may be temporary or permanent, depending on what happens with the American pandemic and with the comics shops.

If Disney has customers who care about justice, why should it not cater to those customers? Disney execs have little caring about creating a fair society; you are overestimating their moral qualities.

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