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Tuesday, November 30, 2021 

LGBT specialty publisher gets nationwide grant, in what sounds like socialist funding

The Kitsap Sun spoke with the manager of what sounds like a publisher specializing in LGBT propaganda in Port Orchard, who's received the kind of sums Ethan Van Sciver may have talked about earlier:
Jordaan Arledge's hobby turned into their career, and now their business, Arledge Comics, is receiving a national grant for businesses that support LGBTQ people of color.

The local comic book business is a recipient of the Human Rights Campaign and Showtime "Queer to Stay" small business grant, announced earlier this month. The goal of the grant is to ensure that the small businesses that represent and serve the LGBTQ community continue to stay afloat during the pandemic, according to a press release.
Is this on taxpayer money? What is so special about the ideology/lifestyle that stores of these sort have to be kept afloat? But, it does confirm suspicions I've had before, that even corporations could also be getting government funding at the expense of the taxpayer, all to push propaganda the public's got no use for.
Arledge said the comic business began unofficially during their last year at Central Washington University. They thought they wanted to be an English teacher, but once finding an interest in writing, they combined it with something they’ve always had an interest in — comic books. [...]

Arledge says the comics the company creates can be enjoyed and shared by the whole family. They said a lot of comic media has begun skewing toward older audiences, but the team all grew up enjoying comics.

“It’s almost a recapture of that feeling, reading this as a 13-year-old or being read it as a 6-year-old. You don’t get a lot of that in mainstream comics anymore,” Arledge said.

In addition to making comics that market to a wider age group, the company curates comics that have a diverse set of protagonists. For example, one character is a genderqueer blue-collar vampire hunter.

“I grew up in a time when anything that was queer or even looked a little bit gay was not acceptable for children,”
Arledge said.

“We’re making inclusive comics,” they added.

Arledge said those comics with queer characters or people of color have that same representation on the team creating them.

“It’s coming from our own experiences,” Arledge said.
It's nothing more than a work of self-importance, self-indulgence, and the worst part is how the publisher literally believes homosexuality/transsexuality is entirely suitable for children. So what's he talking about, when he says you don't get much of certain feelings in mainstream anymore? They've been pandering to his obsessive beliefs for years already, at the expense of artistic value, common sense and cohesion. And the ideologues he both works with and caters to don't care. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the only part of society he's being inclusive of is LGBT practitioners, and that Ukranians, Camerounians, French, Peruvians, Armenians and Thai aren't part of the mix...unless maybe the story's characters are required to be written as LGBT. And without a doubt, there's no chance there'll be any objective view of the ideology and practices either.

So what's this guy's point anyway? He and his company are really no different from countless other propagandists plying this trade, as some in animation have been doing of recent, to name but one example where homosexuality is being marketed for children, rather than adults as would've been done in Japan. Worst, Arledge is being given special funding status that likely wouldn't be given to Jewish charities or members of 9-11 Families for a Safe & Strong America. At least we know where our tax dollars are going, in one of the biggest cheats leftists can perform.

Update: while the above news is dismaying, it should be noted that HRC Foundation runs a non-profit organization that takes private donations along with other organizations. Nevertheless, while this company may not be government affliated, it's still very troubling they're willing to provide funding to a company that views LGBT ideology as something suitable for children, and that's what makes this a very concerning issue.

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