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Wednesday, September 28, 2022 

Anime News Network forum moderators enforcing PC in discussions of transsexuality

This is a subject involving video game material, but still very relevant as a whole to manga by extension, since it spotlights political correctness at a major site dedicated to Japan's art. It began with this Anime News Network report about a most recent sequel to the Guilty Gear franchise, announcing a transvestite character named Bridget, a boy raised as a girl, would now be identifying as a woman:
Guilty Gear -Strive- game director Akira Katano and video game developer Daisuke Ishiwatari put the Bridget controversy to rest in the Wednesday edition of “Developer's Backyard.” Ishiwatari said that they received many questions about Bridget's gender identity following her introduction in the Guilty Gear -Strive- "Season 2" DLC last month. The series creator explained plainly that the character identifies as a woman. [...]

In Strive, every playable character gets a mini-story demonstrating how they've changed since their previous appearance, and Bridget is no different in this regard. Strive's Arcade Mode tells a sweet story about her doing some soul-searching, as Goldlewis and Ky tell her that she can be whoever she wants to be. In one the Stage 8 endings, Goldlewis asks if he should refer to her as a "cowgirl" or a "cowboy", to which Bridget responds: "Cowgirl is fine! Because... I'm a girl!"
It goes without saying this is yet more PC pandering that's insulting to the intellect, but even more so is how moderators on the ANN forum proper apparently dealt with this mess, which involves at least one user claiming to be a transsexual. Let's begin with this one, by an executive editor:
Hey-yo, intentionally misgendering trans people and characters isn't acceptable here.
And this isn't acceptable, yet neither is it surprising, that this kind of Orwellianism could turn up at ANN, any more than any other such major specialty news site. I suppose that's the point here; even ANN's not innocent of enforcing speech codes, which this pretty much counts as, and they erased some messages they considered "misgendering", sans any consideration of science. Now, here's a post by a user whose identity politics are quite eyebrow raising:
Your points ate EXTREMELY valid. I happen to be trans and it took me a while to even refer to myself thay way. After transition I still mess up and do the same exact thing to other trans persons.

Im actually very tired of the cancel crap we are seeing from younger queer people who learn queer history through other young queer people on tik tok, basically young people who probably have never been to college nor are old enough to go, they seem to think a youtube video will teach them everything about queer history globally. Which is not the case. I've even had some yell at the top of their lungs in Tokyo for that matter about it being the 2000s and that EVERYONE knows this, similar to the new phrases like Ze/zer I've seen used in San Diego.

Know one outside of small communities in the US and a few other places know these terms or use them.

People forget rhe population of amwrica is 300,000,000 and only 7% of that is lgbt. Globally its around 2%, there are 8+ billion people on the globe.

Japan’s population is 120 mil and the UK’s is 700 mil, thailand is 70 mil.
Umm, the UK's population is around 70 million, but you can't expect too much from somebody who's misspelling. But while he or she may at least admit cancel culture's wrong, it's still no excuse for this "punk subculture" mess that's damaged society in the long run. Which continues:
These are are some of the more friendly nations towards lgbt people and lgbt people, at least the ones that are self identifying are tiny percentages of those people.

Now out of those percentages, lgbt people dont just download ethics, history, and morals from the lgbt matrix when they come out, grindr is a perfect observation tool. People come out everywhere and take their baggage out of the closet with them, be it rascism, internal bigotry, heck, like the republican celibate lgbt people who think they, themselves has a disorder.

So learning comes are different levels, speeds and in a lot of cases mixed directions with different final destinations.

Messing up a newly come out queer persons pronouns is GOING TO happen. It happens all the time in larger communities, ESPECIALLY, back home in Shinjuku where a person has transitioned but presents in daily life as their old gender at work or to parents hiding things, maybe wearing a binder, sometimes they show up to nichome in that outfit not having time to change. Most people use fake names in nicho, this is an understood rule. Noone asks Where they work unless they are good friends or are already open to that.

So if Takuya comes to nichome a lot from work and only comes rarely as Satomi, people are going to forget, this is cause Satomi is transient, a lit of people who are also knew are trying to remember many other peoples names, identities etc and maybe only met them in passing, its nicho, people are coming and going hourly cause its the main hub in Japan. Life is stressful so everyones usually drinking cause we all have the… mental health problems, due to oppressive society.

The internet shaming a person for accidentally misgendering a person is wrong, and a cartoon character…. i mean come on. Sure bridget is a gurl, great ok, she's still a non existent entity.

One also has to consider the ramifications of russian psy-ops which rueters has a few pieces on that weaponized social media in a Dugin’s esk way trying to spread discord in the west. The number if political actors on twitter facebook and tiktok is not zero.

The washington post just had an artical that the us military is under investigation for doing a psyop on its own people, so one has to consider that many of those nameless accounts or sparse accounts with an anime person as an avatar might actually be neo nazi’s trying to make lgbt people or allies seem insufferable.

“See look how mean these people are,” they might say on a different account whilst using a puppet to send hate.

I came out in 2012. And non of these problems existed. I have literally watched over a decade of social media enhancement problems just materialize from thin air, people inventing things to be mad about. Places that once battered their lashes towardw lgbt people now being targeted by younger ones demanding respect whilst stepping on others. One has to consider the ramifications of this hyper aggression when educated a person about pronouns. It isnt contusion to learning.
Interesting how somebody raises the issue of mental health problems when he/she won't consider that any further adherence to transsexual ideology only prolongs the issue. Now, here's another post by a moderator upholding their PC stance on the ideology:
Indeed, deleted the posts that quoted the blatant troll. Yours included (I thought about leaving it and just editing out the misgendering quote and the direct references to it but since I was gonna quote part of your post in the thread anyways this was simpler).

To everyone thinking about posting in this thread further: any misgendering of Bridget in this thread will get your posts deleted and possibly result in the loss of your posting privileges, so don't bother. I don't care what elaborate excuses you come up with or if you don't even bother like the troll that just got deleted, regardless your post is going bye bye.
This is not helpful, and only kowtows. If you're going to make such a fuss over peanuts, over a mere cartoon character, then you're only perpetuating what's become a serious problem of lapsing in logic. If I were to register at that forum to ask about their political stance on this, would I be shunned too over an Orwellian Thoughtcrime? It goes without saying that would be shameful and already, they're undermining their whole reputation as it is.

Here's another post by the aforementioned transvestite:
I see my response to the acct mis gendering bridget was also removed in which I asked them to Define a man.
I wonder if same poster would be willing to ask for definition of a woman, seeing as there's leftists out there who all of a sudden are unwilling to do so. It was the subject of a recent documentary by author Matt Walsh, What Is A Woman, and it's stunning how many liberal types refused to answer such a simple question, whether deliberately or otherwise. Would the moderators at ANN behave the same way? One can only wonder. The transvestite didn't make things any better if he/she either doesn't know the difference in sexes, or is deliberately pretending not to.

ANN has a lot of interesting stuff in their database, and they may be more honest about their trade up to a point. But this is a telling clue PC is regrettably entrenched among their staff, and it doesn't make for healthy discourse. Nor does it help in regards to the video game coverage they were posting.

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