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Sunday, November 06, 2022 

Oscar Isaac "cries" over comics

Interview Magazine conversed with far-left actor Oscar Isaac, who's played the part of Moon Knight on TV, and whatever they're talking about here regarding comics sounds more like crude gibberish. He and a buddy named Bob Johnson talk about a project they've worked on that he's turning into a comic titled Head Wounds: Sparrow:
ISAAC: Do you want to give a quick synopsis of what the graphic novel is? The story?

JOHNSON: Quick synopsis. Leo is a piece of shit. He’s a bad cop. He’s on the take, he’s on drugs, he’s drinking his ass off. He’s sleeping with his best friend’s wife. He’s not doing anything right and he doesn’t really have a drive to get better. In the beginning there’s some thrill and the aspect of, “I got away with it.” Right from the jump, he’s getting away with it, he’s doing terrible things and then, right at the last second, everybody else shows up and it’s like, “No, this is not what happened. I was doing my job.” And so, he goes from that place of a person who does not want to change and then the universe kicks him right in the mouth and says, “No, you’re going to change.” And you said I was a sick fuck or something when I said that it reminds me, strangely, of It’s a Wonderful Life. This is the psychotic version of that. The angel comes and says, “No, you’re going to change and it’s going to be ugly.” And just seeing the world without you in it, this guy has to see the good he could be doing and the only way he gets to see it, is by taking the wounds of the people he’s supposed to protect.
It's just like these pretentious actors to say it brings to mind a classic movie far better than the sleaze they say the premise builds upon. And all laced with raw profanity along the way. Ugh. And then, Isaac tells us:
ISAAC: This graphic novel is not a story of redemption, it’s a story of the opening up of the possibility, and that is what Sparrow is. The sparrow comes from scripture. It says that God’s even aware, this is a paraphrase, of when a sparrow falls or when a sparrow dies and biblically speaking, the sparrow is the lowest of the low. It’s like a rat, so if He cares if a sparrow falls, how much more will He then care about you? It’s also such a vulnerable creature. It’s this weird juxtaposition of this head wound, this tough guy who’s actually this little sparrow.
Gee, if it's not about a journey to redemption, just the possibility (which it probably never finishes), what's the goal of this comic they're producing anyway? Another demonstration in how modern entertainment seems to be more about living in sadness deliberately, and not trying to find a way out? From the synopsis containing those dark elements, it's not hard to guess this is yet another obsessed-with-darkness thriller that otherwise doesn't amount to anything inspiring. And all co-produced by an actor whose leftist politics got the better of him. At the end:
JOHNSON: You got him crying! You’re crying over—

ALVEY: Don’t cry. Don’t cry.

ISAAC: I’m not crying.

JOHNSON: There’s no crying in comics.
That doesn't make this any less of a pathetic affair. It only demonstrates how we're once again witnessing overrated Hollywooders work on projects that don't offer much in the way of inspiration.

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