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Saturday, February 25, 2023 

University of Michigan emphasizes LGBT propaganda comics about blacks

Here's something appalling, but hardly shocking, from the University of Michigan, where they're spotlighting comics about "Black queer heroes":
The latest heroes to get the comic book treatment are Black queer historical icons.

Formed by University of Michigan Ross School of Business alums Nathan Alston and Daniella Gennaro, Plucky Comics is an activist-led company dedicated to protecting and reimagining Black queer history and finding ways to bring these important, undertold stories into the classroom.

[...] On a quest to bring Black queer history forward in a fun and creative way, Alston worked with the U-M Ross Impact Studio and U-M Engineering Center for Socially Engaged Design Innovation in Action to build out a few ideas.

Ultimately, a comic book company was the ideal medium to tell these stories with the artform being rooted in counterculture, and Plucky Comics was born.

“It takes a tremendous amount of creativity to tell these stories, and so many of these folks, because of the times they lived in, had to be creative about how they expressed their sexuality or their gender identity,” Alston said. “So to me, (comic book art) allows for us to honor them by showing them in this very expressive and beautiful way—sometimes in a way that they might not have been able to do when they were alive.”
This is just so cringe-inducingly embarrassing, right down the allusions to transsexuality and drag-queening. Speaking of which, considering how past Black African communities took offense at blackface performances, one must wonder why the people involved in this college-based propaganda can't comprehend that drag performance is the same thing, and demeaning to women. Of course, feminist movements of the past have some blame to shoulder for that, since they obviously never bothered to raise the issue of how drag-acting is belittling to the fairer sex, all because quite a few collaborated with LGBT movements of the past decades. That's why, while racial blackface theater performances mostly stopped in the mid-60s, gender blackface continued for a long, long time after, in a classic example of inconsistent positions on anything, and nobody on the left saw anything wrong with insulting women in the process, not even Black women. Yet that's what such an ideology does too, and now, we're seeing the sad results. Including the following regarding the comics in focus:
To spread these stories and empower future generations of students, Plucky Comics began to build a team of artists—largely from within the U-M community—to begin to tell the Black queer stories that they wished had been present for them as children.
Translation: they believe it's perfectly fine for children to be taught this kind of trash, which is humiliating to manhood, and womanhood too. What's so creative or beautiful about this? What they're doing isn't even fit to be called counterculture, and besides, there's only so much about past counterculture that would be considered taboo today by the social justice advocates who've put this new idea of theirs for PC advocacy together. This is why it'd be better not to attend universities these days, because they're more obsessed with political activism than studying science.

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It's great to see that the University of Michigan is actively working to combat discrimination and promote acceptance of all individuals. It's essential that educational institutions take a stand against hate and intolerance.

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