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Wednesday, May 10, 2023 

Australian cartoon censored over "fat shaming"

Breitbart's reported that an Australian cartoon was censored by Disney-owned ABC because it allegedly committed fat-shaming:
The Australian animated show Bluey was censored by the fascists and groomers at Disney-owned ABC after some viewers whined about “fat shaming.”

“The Season 3 episode, titled Exercise, featured Bluey’s father Bandit embarking on a fitness regime after he stands on the bathroom scales and grabs his paunch,” reports the far-left Deadline.

Apparently, that’s it. That’s all that happened. That moment on the scale is considered “shaming.”

So, in other words, Disney is happy to promote homosexuality, adult sexuality, transvestites, and drag queens to your underage children, but a guy stepping on a scale and being so unhappy with his weight he does something about it is a bridge too far.

Come on, there’s fat shaming, and then there’s fat shaming. If you dehumanize someone over their excess weight, that’s despicable behavior; that’s fat shaming.

Having a guy step on a scale and be unhappy with the results is a healthy lesson—a healthy way to, yes, shame. To a degree, people should be fat-shamed. Excess weight is unhealthy and causes untold miseries. Lessons about remaining physically healthy are good things. Lessons about someone stepping on a scale and doing something about the results are excellent, especially for kids.

Thanks to my obsession with my weight, my quality of life is much improved. That obsession keeps me healthy and moving. If I weren’t ashamed of gaining excess pounds, I’d be fat, unhealthy, and unhappy. Now that I’m 57 years old, all those years of exercise are starting to pay off and will really pay off even more in the coming years.

There is no downside to teaching people to exercise if they feel bad about their weight. It’s all upside.
I hesitate to think what would've happened if a female character were the focus of the story. If any of these obesity-normalizing advocates were to assault the cartoon over a lady concerned about her weight (and there's studies indicating obesity is even worse for women than men), that would be denigrating the fairer sex, which has sadly become a common staple on social media nowadays, particularly among those who go miles out of their way to hire male transvestites to promote their products instead of actual women. And it's far from shocking a Disney-owned business would be involved in the censorship of the cartoon.

The Daily Wire contributor Matt Walsh addressed how it's just the tip of the iceberg, as there's SJWs who've been assaulting the cartoon for 2 years already for not adhering to their dictates:
“The Matt Walsh Show” podcast host featured the kids show in his “Daily Cancelation” segment on Monday when he noted how leftists have had the show in their sights dating back to 2021 because it has decided to have nothing to do with “sexual indoctrination” and more.

Walsh talked about how this children’s show originally out of Australia “doesn’t engage in left-wing brainwashing.” He said it’s a cartoon about blue heeler dogs that centers on the oldest daughter in the family named Bluey, with most episodes featuring her family: her younger sister, her mom and her dad.

The DW host said the thing that’s even more refreshing about this cartoon then the fact that it’s not woke, is that the father — Bandit — is portrayed as a “an attentive and engaged father, who leads a happy cartoon family.”

Walsh said it’s a “wholesome children’s show” and that’s why the “woke crowd is absolutely determined to ruin it.” In 2021, a journalist wrote that the show was lacking “representation” asking where are the “disabled, queer, poor, gender diverse” dogs of color on the show.

The host noted that the show did feature “dogs of color, the color is blue, hence the name of the show.” He said as far as failing to include “queer” dogs, it’s because the makers of the show made the decision “to not turn the show into a vehicle for sexual indoctrination. And thank God for that.” The host explained other “woke attacks” have failed to effect the show, until now.
There does appear to be some good news at the Australian end of the spectrum:
However, in response to the criticism, the Australian Broadcasting Company decided to cut that scene from the episode.

The ABC then issued a statement apologizing for it and said it has “been republished by the ABC following a decision by the makers of the program. The new version provides families with the opportunity to manage important conversations in their own way.”
They restored the scene to the master footage? Well that's good, because all these hysterical fusses over what modern filmmakers can or cannot do has been both financially and artistically damaging for the industry, and is offensive to the producers who want to remain apolitical. Those activists - including, but not limited to - the petty journalists attacking it, owe an apology for the trouble they've caused. Why, they don't even qualify for the profession of journalism if that's all they care about, and they've pretty much given journalism a bad name.

I'd like to note that my father, who's fat, almost lost his life by eating too much cholesterolic foods years before, and suffered a heart attack in 1994, and these activists making petty issues over cartoons have the gall to obscure the health hazards? For shame.

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