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Saturday, February 28, 2009 

"Shining moments in Avengers #50"? Yeah, right

The Penn. Express-Times continues to fawn laughably over Brian Bendis' work in New Avengers, which is tied into the latest crossover, Dark Reign:
Clint Barton is especially ticked off that former assassin and "Daredevil" villain Bullseye has taken over his old costume and name of Hawkeye.

Barton really becomes the voice of the team in this issue. He makes it the team's mission to expose the villains to the world.
I personally doubt Clint is being handled respectably, considering that he certainly wasn't a few years ago. And the whole idea of Bullseye taking over his costume sounds silly.
When the New Avengers try to lure Osborn's team into a trap, things go wrong.

Instead of taking on Osborn, the Avengers find themselves ambushed by an army of villains led by the Hood.
Oh, the tedious villain who beat up Tigra in a forced storyline a year ago? Nothing to see here then.
This book is full of a lot of great character moments, which is what writer Brian Michael Bendis is known for.

Bendis gives each of the cast a little moment in the story to shine.
Most of the "character moments" here since he took over the book have been so contrived, I don't think it's telling much to say he's "known" for that kind of stuff.
"New Avengers" is Marvel's bestselling book and No. 50 is a good example of why.
And that part is really obscuring the bigger picture.

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