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Sunday, October 11, 2009 

X-Men should not go weekly

IGN Comics is asking if Uncanny X-Men should turn to a weekly format like Spider-Man has.

The answer here is no. There's still too many X-books as it is too, and turning it weekly would only discourage more readers from buying both flagship series for starters.

Furthermore, the reviewers they spoke with here are on the very biased side themselves, as the following suggests:
JESSE'S TAKE: I'm very much in agreement with Rich that this strikes me as an instantaneous yes. If Spider-Man, a lone hero who at the beginning of Brand New Day had a fairly confined supporting cast, can thrive in such a format, then surely the X-Men and their cast of hundreds could do at least as well.

And yes, in a lot of ways the franchise is on firm footing on a conceptual level. The mutant race has certainly never been in more danger than it is now. All the same, I do find myself wishing for the same sort of fresh start for the characters that Brand New Day offered Spidey. No, I'm not suggesting Mephisto show up again to ruin Cyclops' marriage (Cyke already did a stellar job of that himself), but I do sort of yearn for the days when the mutant race was at least large enough to function as allegory for various repressed and downtrodden social minorities. The X-Men resonate so well with readers and even non-readers because everyone feels like an outcast at some point in their lives, and they can identify with the sort of struggle mutants face everyday. I'd like to see that element return to the franchise in a bigger way.
Uh uh, they can't fool me. It doesn't take much to guess that these fools were okay with the horrific job Quesada and company did on the Spider-Marriage. And if that's how it's going to be with them, then their argument in favor of turning X-Men into weekly series carries even less weight here.

At least 2 flagship books are published now, and if both were weekly, it'd cost at least 18 dollars a month to buy them. And even if they cancelled one, I think almost 10 dollars a month is already too much for some people, so it still wouldn't get anywhere.

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