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Tuesday, December 23, 2014 

Marz almost says something sensible, but then dampens it

He's been commenting on the murder of two NYPD officers, followed by the perpetrator committing suicide, and said:

Now he's willing to say something that makes sense. I just hope he remains firm on that statement after the discovery the murderer, Abdullah Brinsley, was a Muslim who posted quranic quotes on his FB page, and who worked for an Islamic terror front (Hat tip: Pamela Geller). More about that on BizPac.

But then, Marz proceeds to draw moral equivalence between this case and two more:

He's still keeping up the libel that Michael Brown was shot in cold blood, vehemently refusing to admit Brown antagonized Darren Wilson. And, it should be noted that further research reveals Garner suffered health problems, and a preliminary autopsy showed he hadn't suffered any damage to the windpipe and neck bones. That doesn't mean there weren't bad intentions present in that particular case. But without stressing the exact facts, Marz is only making himself look more like an opportunist with all his moral equivalence. He also said a little earlier:

The police don't have a right to be disgusted at a so-called cartoonist who drew up a strip demonizing law enforcers and suggesting they're all monsters? A right-wing cartoonist could've drawn a strip saying something leftists despised, and he'd surely cry foul too. I had a relative in my family who worked in law enforcement in Florida, and he would've considered the cartoon in question reprehensible too.

Furthermore, the dissenters have every right to ask for a boycott, and certainly don't have to spend their money on the product.

It appears Marz just can't let go of his leftist leanings in a time of tragedy.

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Who the heck was rejoicing when Brown and Garner were killed? They were certainly tragedies, with the latter especially so.

But there's an immense difference between a shooting in self-defense (Brown), a tragic, accidental killing in the commission of an arrest (Garner) and the purposeful execution of two police officers.

Any bets on how long it takes before Marz advertises this article with a tweet?
I bet before 2.

To liberals/progressives, a death is a death. Police officers getting ambushed and murdered in cold blood, or elderly victims beaten to death by thugs playing the "knockout game," are no more tragic than a bank robber getting killed in a gunfight with police, or a terrorist getting killed in a firefight with Army Rangers or Navy SEALs.

And people like Marz are still repeating the "hands up, don't shoot" and "I can't breathe" mantras.

The physical evidence proved conclusively that Michael Brown never raised his hands (and that the "witnesses" who claimed that he did were lying). Any objective examination of the facts can lead to only one conclusion: Brown attacked the cop, who was forced to shoot him in self-defense.

And if Garner could say, "I can't breathe," then he could talk. If he could talk, he could breathe.

I don't doubt that Garner was experiencing severe shortness of breath, but if he could talk after the cop released the head lock (not a "choke hold," BTW) then he was not "choked to death." Garner died of a heart attack, brought on by the stress of the scuffle. And he was the one who chose to escalate the situation from a minor altercation to a fight.

No one "rejoiced" over the deaths of Brown or Garner. But a lot of leftist SJW's on the internet have been openly celebrating the murders in Brooklyn.

And the meme "black lives matter" seems ironic. The SJW's take it calmly enough when innocent white and Asian victims are murdered by black criminals, but they go ballistic when a black criminal is shot in self-defense by a cop or by an honest citizen.

For that matter, the leftists don't seem to mind when innocent black victims are murdered by muggers and carjackers. Or when innocent black bystanders get hit with stray bullets when a drug deal goes bad. Or when black children are mowed down in the crossfire during gang turf wars.

The "black lives" that matter to the leftists are those of criminals. Innocent lives (whether black, white, or Asian), not so much.

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