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Tuesday, March 10, 2015 

Brevoort compares homosexuality to race

Somebody asked on Tom Brevoort's blog:
I know this is three years ago, but I have to ask: Why did you have to give Northstar a gay marriage with none of the X-Men objecting to it? Surely some of them have to believe that marriage is only for men and women. And don't give me that crap about them being more enlightened then I am and since they suffer prejudice they empathize with homosexual activity. While homosexual feelings aren't a choice, behaviors are. Don't pretend it's the same as racism.
Unfortunately, Brevoort being Brevoort could only say:
Sorry, but it’s the same as racism, in that it’s bigotry, plain and simple.
Nope, it's merely disagreement with a form of thinking, but he doesn't have the guts to admit it. In the world of men like Brevoort, nobody can have different, varying opinions on homosexuality and other subjects the left's obsessed with. That's why there's no chance we'll ever see a writer under his regime allowing for a difference of opinions among any of the Marvel cast.

On the other hand, having found this earlier Q&A, it's clear that unlike gay marriages, he still has a problem with straight ones like Spidey's:
Nobody likes OMD. why does marvel refuse to undo it?

The medicine may not taste good, but if it makes you better, then you need to take it.
Well it hasn't made anyone better, it's only making things worse, and sales for Spider-Man remain flat as ever. A marriage between Peter and Mary Jane is bad, but a marriage between Northstar and another man is throughly okay? Brevoort makes a joke of himself yet again. Even after the new Secret Wars, there's no chance it'll change.

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Yeah, Breevort. Right. Because it isn't like black people have ever had a problem with homosexuality ever. It isn't like African countries still criminalize homosexuality and are virulently, even militantly opposed to public displays of homosexuality. Of course not. Because since they know what racism is they must also know what homophobia is, and it's all just the same.

I applaud Marvel creators who are brave enough to actually include black faces amongst the typical pseudo-"Christian" mutant hate groups. Not because I care to see blacks demonized in comics, but because it's at least a show of what the reality would actually be: of course many black people in the Marvel Universe would be opposed to mutants, just like many black people in the real world hate homosexuals with a passion.

Meanwhile, the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man shows yet another fat brown woman being robbed by a white male. The only common crime we're allowed to see in Marvel Comics anymore. White-on-black purse-snatching. Apparently this is a big inner-city problem. Not black-on-black crime. And certainly nothing to do with drugs. Keep it coming, Breevort.

Progressives preach "diversity," but only according to ethnicity and sexuality, not ideas and opinions. That is, every board room, every news room, every police department, and even every fictional cast of characters has to include the appropriate percentage of blacks, gays, Muslims, women, and Hispanics.

But all of the characters have the same liberal/progressive/PC worldview. No conservatives, Libertarians, gun owners, Christians, or Zionists.

Make that "every cast of sympathetic characters." The villains may include gun-owning rednecks, Christian fanatics, and greedy Republicans.

And Brevoort's "take your medicine" remark is a perfect example of the unbridled arrogance of the media elitists. Does Brevoort think he's a medical doctor? Comic books are an entertainment medium, not "medicine."

Great, now we're getting Homo Wars. A Jar Jar for the new generation!

Looks like Gerry Conway, Dan Slott, and Gail Simone have convicted Tom Cotton and 46 other republican senators for treason.

Looks like Gerry Conway, Dan Slott, and Gail Simone have convicted Tom Cotton and 46 other republican senators for treason.

Yeah. Then Pelosi should already be in jail (meeting with Syria's Assad during GW Bush's presidency) and so should John Kerry and Tom Harkin for their actions during Reagan's presidency: http://colossus.mu.nu/archives/355463.php

These folks actually went to meet w/foreign leaders. The 47 GOPers merely sent a letter.

Oh great. Now Brevoort is using a scan of Stan Lee's saying bigotry is wrong in answer to people telling him that homosexuality is not genetic and transgenderism is a mental illness.





Until the nine Supremes change things, homosexuality is still legally defined as behavior, which is why their comparisons to race doesn't fly. But good luck telling that to any leftist.

And I second the first comment in every way.

Now he attacks Fox News. I'll bet he's never even seen it.


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