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Saturday, August 08, 2015 

A list of more snide remarks by Marz

Marz continues his gleeful comments sans any altruism. For example:

Ahem. People who conceal weapons come in both good and bad forms. Maybe it would be better if the good guys were allowed to carry openly? Alas, that makes no difference to Marz, who also adds:

Yeah, this is all he cares about. What about innocent human life? Don't people who murder in cold blood have mental defects too? Aren't they far worse of a danger to society at large?

We can all guess what his reaction would be if Delta balked at transporting medical tools and utensils for Planned Parenthood.

What, he actually has an issue with how some European countries handle their affairs? And here I thought this charlatan thought highly of the socialist structure various ares there were managed by.

He doesn't deserve one. All he cares about are narrow, petty worries, as we've learned over the years.

That's why nobody need bother to debate with Marz! Now for some of his comments on the GOP debate:

I think that's just what Marz has always wanted, even though men like him only get 15 minutes worth.

Mighty rich coming from somebody with ideas worthy of an 8-year-old's mind.

Straight from a man who's unlikely to appreciate any of the positive stuff Reagan did when he was president. As usual, Marz just can't seem to follow the examples set by better creators out there, and refrain from political jumbles.

Update: here's a few more he's written worth pondering:

How odd. He was an early engineer of trolling the audience and didn't seem to mind, so I don't see why he's complaining.

Freedom of speech only matters if people like Marz want it. They don't care if their conservative counterparts don't get the same rights.

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Nothing he's said is even remotely controversial.

You do get that by allowing good guys to carry openly, you allow bad guys to carry openly?

Innocent human life comes before lions, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't care about lions.

The GOP debates were a trainwreck. The audience was hooting and yelling like it was comedy show. Trump is a Reality TV star that invited the Clintons to his wedding and he has the highest GOP poll ratings.

Reagan did more harm than good. Voodoo economics has ruined this country.

Comics are for progressive leftists. Bolivar Trask, Obadiah Stain, Lex Luthor and every Capitalist villain are Republicans. They are the bad guys.

You are a bad guy. Superman would dislike you.

Nothing he said is controversial -you are a nut if you believe that.
Taking away guns from good people will not stop bad people.

Sure care for lions, but where has he ever cared about baby's? 100s of posts for a lion 0 for a baby- priorities.
GOP debate was not a train-wreck, a liberal extremist view as usual.
Reagan did more good than harm, learn some history you ignorant hack.
Comics should not be just for leftists, there have been many conservatives working in the industry you moron.

Superman is fine with him, you are an idiot.

"You are a bad guy. Superman would dislike you."

Brave words from an anonymous loser who's too scared to use his real name.

I can't understand why people are kicking up such a fuss over a mangy lion, now if it was something more cute and cuddly I could understand it, but isn't the point of safaris is to hunt and kill dangerous creatures and take whatever gruesome trophies off of it to show off to your brain-dead friends who had never seen such things before? On top of it, the guy's a dentist with lousy aim! Whatever happened to "Thou shalt not kill"?

Whenever I read a tweet from Marz, my first thought is always "From the mind that brought you a woman's corpse stuffed in a refrigerator".

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Where do these people come from?

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