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Sunday, April 24, 2016 

A few tweets from Mark Sable

Sable's portfolio includes series like Graveyard of Empires, and with the following tweets, he not only confirmed his leftism, he also lets know he sees nothing wrong with the politics of Ta-Nehisi Coates:

So if Coates stuffed any of his horrid politics into the new solo book starring T'Challa he's now writing, that's okay with Sable? What a major disappointment. Here's more:

What problems has he ever thought through? He didn't handle the Benghazi case any better than Hilary Clinton did, and has otherwise been weak in dealing with jihadism. Many of the victims at Ford Hood had to fight to get their compensation and purple hearts, and Obama did nothing convincing to help them at the time. And what about the dangers posed by "refugees" from Islamic countries who stick with the Religion of Peace even in another land? How is Obama thinking through problems if no consideration is given on that subject? Has he even been bold on the topic of Armenia's holocaust? As for Coates' writings in the Atlantic, they're mostly garbage.

I'll stick with the older books written by folks who had far better, more tasteful approaches in mind, like Stan Lee.

Not me. I've long re-evaluated Robinson's writing, and decided he has no genuine respect for DC or Marvel.

Don't worry, that's the least bothersome of anything Sable's written of recent. Let me say that as far as Jewish = white is concerned, the simple answer is "yes". And I was quite put off when I found a guy writing in the press making it sound like the Jewish race isn't. I do wonder though what Sable thinks of Eisner's last GN, The Plot, because that dealt with Islamic anti-semitism, and Eisner's opposition to communism hints his politics were far from coinciding with Sable's.

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At his last State of the Union Address, Obama boasted, "If you doubt my commitment to seeing that justice is done, just ask Osama Bin Laden."

After two terms in office, is that all he's got? Unfortunately, yes.

Obama couldn't very well talk about Yemen, Crimea, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the South China Sea, the return of the Taliban, or Russia re-emerging as a major (and hostile) world power. Or that Russia, China, and Iran are on the march, each establishing a hegemony in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, respectively. Or that Cold War II began on Obama's watch. Or how the insane deal with Iran has allowed them to acquire nuclear weapons and to increase funding for terrorism.

BTW, Obama did not get Bin Laden. He did not even green light the mission. He delegated the authority to an admiral who would have been left holding the bag if the mission had failed.

...wouldn't be in this mess if the US and USSR hadn't decided to involve the Middle-East in their affairs and advance their weaponry to the 20th century, now we've got to clean up their mess just to get a good nights rest.

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