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Tuesday, June 28, 2016 

What some writers have to say about Brexit

Soon after Britain voted to leave the European Union, corrupt outfit that they are who've only undermined the continent, some comics writers/artists have decided to make rather predictable left-wing comments about the country's vote. Here, from Bleeding Cool (who also resent the public's opinion) are several writers who've made their visions clear, and I'll post those whom I certainly know are creators right here, starting with none other than Warren Ellis, who's on the wrong foot:

Good grief, he's not being very respectful to the Welsh with that one, nor the Irish, IMO. Even though [Northern] Ireland, as far as I know, voted to remain in the EU, which I think is a mistake for them. Ellis is not doing any favors with his revolting little tirade. Then, there's artist Liam Sharp, who does come from Europe:

Why? What good is the Euro currency, if we take that as an example? It's just crap, and nowhere as good as the French Franc and the Italian Lire were. Next is Paul Cornell:

Why? You really want immigration from countries plagued with an awful religious ideology? Look what Germany's experienced, and the UK's had its share of this too. If it were immigrants from Latin America to Europe, things might've been better. But no, they just have to take the poor choices of where and how to seek immigrants from.

Yeah, for people like him, who turn their backs on the horrors that took place over on the mainland of Europe, and even in the UK itself. The USA's also experienced terrible incidents like these recently.

Did he feel that way when child slavery rings were discovered in England?

If "Eurabia" becomes a reality, will he think the same thing?

What about the ramifications of terrorism? The USA's just experienced one of the worst assaults at the hands of Omar Mateen. France recently had one of the worst attacks too. So I'm not sure what this cartoonist's point is either.

Hmm, I don't think he's going to win over many comics fans across the pond now, if this is how he "respects" their democracy.

If the EU itself were to dissolve, that would be no more problematic than the corrupt UN dissolving.

So, he's still as leftist as ever, I guess. Or, more specifically, has no idea what independence can really mean. Here's also at least two who weren't listed by BC:

After he did at least a few things that were contemptuous of Britain? I doubt it. He'd only make things worse for their healthcare, much like he already did for the USA. And that's only the beginning.

I'm not sure how that's respectable to the UK, a country you'd think people like him actually loved. I guess he and his ilk won't be visiting any UK conventions anytime soon?

Again, I don't see why the US-based writers are lambasting politicians from a country they don't live in, yet which you'd assume they loved. The American writers/artists' beefs with Brexit are even more puzzling than those of the European creators. And the saddest part is how they don't seem to have any understanding of the positive sides of independence and self-determination, which is what Brexit was supposed to be about. What a pity. The UK's done some bad things in the past. But this topic in itself isn't one of those. If it encourages France, Portugal and other European countries to work out similar referendums, they'll be doing the right thing. Far more than these comic writers are doing by opining in such careless tones.

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The European governments and bankers may throw a tantrum (e.g., credit downgrades even though the UK's finances are no worse than they were last week), but it's short term pain vs. long term gain.

The media are trying to make it look like it was all about racist xenophobes wanting to ban immigration. Of course, events in Paris, Brussels, and Cologne show that unrestricted immigration is a very real problem.

But it is not jut about terrorist Trojan Horses. The EU has been corrupt and incompetent for years. And it promotes the interests of one country at the expense of another.

The "Remain" campaign made it sound as if all trade with Europe would be lost. Nonsense. Europe needs trade with Britain as much as the British need trade with the Europeans. All it would take would be a few signatures on a few new trade agreements. Switzerland, the US, and China are all proof that independent countries can trade with European countries, and without the EU.

Brexit may get blamed for already-existing problems, e.g., if the Italian economy crashes, even though Italian banks have been failing for years.

And it is not as if other countries are not dissatisfied with the EU. Germany did not like being taxed to bail out Greece. Both Germany and France were worried about being forced to take in thousands of unvetted immigrants. Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, and Cologne proved those fears were justified.

In fact, there is already talk of growing support for a "Frexit."

Leftists are angry about Brexit because it proves that not everyone is happy with the EU. And they can't tolerate any criticism of the EU, because the EU is the model for their Utopian New World Order.

They're all lapdogs of the super-rich establishment.

The only people who lost money and power in Brexit were the one percent of the one percent of the one percent.

Literally EVERY major figure and financial force was against Brexit, with the sole exceptions of Nigel Farage (not exactly a powerful man; he is the very definition of a loner who has been screaming in the wind for 20 years ago) and an opportunistic Boris Johnson.

Never before in all of human history has EVERY outlet of propaganda been AGAINST something so much... and then that very thing they were against actually came out victorious.

There have been (and are) plenty of reasons to be pessimistic about the way the world is going, but at least in this one thing we should take a moment and appreciate what just happened. Despite MAXIMUM PROPAGANDA, the most deceitful and powerful people on earth could NOT GET A MAJORITY of the public to be brainwashed by them.

Personally I see positives and negatives on both sides. But the fact is that the entirety of global crony capitalism and elitist mismanagement wanted to stop Brexit, and they couldn't. Every single one of these comics pundits is a brainwashed useful idiot.

So what would happen if there was no more EU and UN? Would stability truly be in effect or would more World Wars happen even with the Mutual Assured Destruction effect?

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