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Monday, April 24, 2017 

With Joe Quesada making the announcements, why should we trust them to deliver?

Marvel claims they're returning to the use of the more recognizable cast members of their universe. But the following article is one more clue that everything's bound to be undermined considerably:
Marvel Comics is kicking off a new initiative this fall titled Legacy that will "embrace our roots and move enthusiastically forward" in according to Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada.
Sorry, but if he's in charge, I don't see why we should trust them. That they're making this another "event" is yet one more reason to give pause.
While emphasizing the storied past of the Marvel Universe, the publisher is also mixing in newer characters as well.

"From there, the Marvel Legacy initiative spreads out across the Marvel Universe, showcasing epic storylines hearkening back to the glory days of Marvel starring Odinson, Squirrel Girl, Spider-Man, the Avengers, America Chavez, Iron Man, Moon Knight, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, the X-Men, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Deadpool, the Champions, Wolverine, Ironheart, Hulk, The Punisher and so many more!"
Just as I suspected, they'll still be insisting that we accept, for example, a character like Kamala Khan whose very creation was built around her being Muslim, all without being open about the content of the religion. Some of the promotional material they've put out shows Miles Morales is going to be part of this fishy new direction too. Absent from what's been told so far is whether the Spider-marriage will be restored. If they won't do it, then they needn't wonder why Spider-fans will continue to avoid the Spidey titles by and large. So long as any of these diversity-pandering characters retain the components they began with, they certainly won't work. And much like Quesada, even Axel Alonso's another reason to avoid this. On which note, ABC's Good Morning America has some of his own drivel:
"Let's just say there's a last-page reveal that's probably gonna break the Internet."

That's how Marvel's Axel Alonso describes "Legacy," a new initiative that will take things back to the comic book company's iconic history, all while keeping an eye on the future.

It all begins this fall with "Marvel Legacy No. 1," an over-sized, one-shot special that's 50 pages in all. It's written by Jason Aaron with art by Esad Ribic and features a special, 4-panel, fold-out cover by Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada.

Alonso, Marvel's editor-in-chief, told ABC News that this is a book that is going to send shockwaves throughout the comic book industry.

"That story functions as a preview of what's to come. It's chocked full of twists, surprises, Easter eggs, and let's just say, a last-page reveal that’s probably gonna break the internet," he said. "It's a big moment, something we continually get asked about. We are going to answer that question."
Why don't they answer them now, instead of going the cliched route of keeping everything secret until after it's gone to press? Point: even if Mary Jane Watson's back as Peter Parker's wife, Quesada/Alonso's presence is still bound to ensure some degree of alienation.
Easter eggs -- hidden nods to longtime fans -- are at the core of what "Legacy" is attempting to do, Alonso said. The content will be exciting for new fans, but will also pay off in a different way for hardcore fans of the Marvel Universe.

"With 'Legacy,' we want to tell stories that are accessible to all, but remind readers of Marvel’s rich history,” he said. “To drive that point home, a number of our titles will return to their original series numbering, and our stories will invoke that history, reminding readers of connections between characters they may have forgotten about, and ushering in the return of some big characters who’ve been missed. Above all else, we want to inject our comics with a massive dose of fun."

He continued, "I think 'Legacy' will also prove that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder."
That's saying a lot more than they've actually done to date. Easter eggs alone don't guarantee talented writing, let alone plausible, organic character drama.
"Legacy" will also finally answer some of fans' questions about their beloved characters, including if the universe is big enough for Miles Morales and Peter Parker to both be Spider-Man. The same will be answered about whether Riri Williams and Tony Stark can both be Iron Man.

The key here though, Alonso said, is that there are no old characters or new characters, there are just Marvel superheroes.
Is that saying there's no co-stars? Not even Ben Urich? In that case, I'm not sure why we're supposed to care. That Miles and Riri are made such a notable focus of this special only further suggests they don't have what it takes to just drop a poorly crafted direction quietly. That's surely the biggest problem at both Marvel and DC, that they can't bring themselves to abandon failure in a quiet manner and above all, admit they made mistakes.
"Legacy" will follow another initiative, "Secret Empire," where the heroes finally get caught up to speed on what readers have known for months -- that Captain America is actually a Hydra agent. Alonso said that series will be a rallying cry and unifying factor for the heroes before we get to "Legacy."
We did not need Secret Empire any more than we needed a story where Cap was turned into an evil antagonist. It goes without saying their wording is also reprehensible; they know perfectly well that's not and never was what Kirby/Simon created Steve Rogers to be.
"None of 'Legacy' hinges on the death of a major character at all," he added. "A lot of this may hinge on some resurrections. If there ever were a time to bring back characters, it would be during the 'Legacy' era."
While this in itself is a positive approach - avoiding the long sleazy and sensationalized idea of building an event on the deaths and villifications of any character - that still doesn't prove Alonso/Quesada are repenting. Besides, they've also sent telling signs they have no intention of ceasing with the company wide crossovers for good, no matter how catastrophous it's finally turning out to be.
The series will span the entire universe and touch on the "glory days" of characters like Odinson, Squirrel Girl, Spider-Man, the Avengers, America Chavez, Iron Man, Moon Knight, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, the X-Men and many others.
Wait a moment, what's that? The new lesbian heroine? What glory days did she ever have? She just debuted! And if they're talking about Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, that's not what she began her superheroine career as. She began as Ms. Marvel, and worked far better in that role (not to mention the costume drawn by Dave Cockrum). This is another sign something's wrong.
The aesthetic of "Legacy" will be a trip for longtime fans as well, with little vestiges from the past like the cover value stamp and corner box art that Marvel used years ago.

"As a kid, I remember ruining some of my comics by cutting out the value stamp," Alonso admitted. "I had 'Incredible Hulk' No. 181 and I cut the value stamp out, what was I thinking?!"

That issue was the very first full appearance of Wolverine in 1974.

"We are going to remind generations about that history," Alonso promised.
Which isn't the same as proving they have what it takes to tell a good story. And is he implying he wished he'd left the value stamps in place so he could make big money? That's hardly putting value in the stories inside the cover.

Quesada/Alonso proved themselves untrustworthy from the start, and I don't see any reason to trust them now. I'm sure there's more people out there who realize the same. Besides, it sure doesn't look like they're going to apologize for all the awful mistreatment of Mary Jane Watson.

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Oh dear. X-Men Gold 2 has the Fox News stand-in suggesting mutants get deported. This makes no sense. Equating mutants with people who break the law to cross into the US is completely ludicrous.


As a Straight White Man I simply can't relate to characters that aren't straight white men. They don't represent me. That aside, I really feel Marvel's attempt at diversity is pathetic and does not reflect their audiences need for relatable characters, so I've come up with some ideas for them. Gay Black Thor, Latino Human Torch, Wheelchair Spider-man, Asian Female Ghost Rider, Trannie Cyclops, and many more. Oh and those are their code names! In this era of America Sanchez, Spider-Gwen, and Old Man Logan, Gay Black Thor and Wheelchair Spider-Man will fit right in.
Call me Marvel!

The "creators" need to be replaced, almost entirely, or the industry will never change.
The ones we have currently are calcified dinosaurs who will not, and cannot change their discourse; Nor see anything beyond the scope of their narrow-minded, deranged, hateful ideologies.

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