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Monday, July 10, 2017 

Three tweets by Greg Rucka

Here's one where he detests Trump's efforts to get the awful Obamacare policy repealed:

I take it he was hoping Trump's steps would just wither and collapse, huh? Another ostrich with his head in the sand, not willing to look at the damage Obama's policy did beneath the surface for nearly 2 terms of office.

His Twitter feed's full of leftist garbage retweets too, and after adding more, such as reports making Trump out to be a Russian stooge, he said:

Still deliberately turning a blind eye and deaf ear at many of the more serious issues, I see. What matters about the nation and everywhere else is keeping it safe from Islamic terrorism, and all he cares about is whatever Trump's doing? Pathetic.

Later still, he linked to a Hill article where a former State Department official claimed Trump let Putin off the hook, and said:

This is a bit confusing, but based on Rucka's earlier examples of leftism, I figure Rucka's saying he won't let Trump off the hook. But I'm sure he'll let all the Corbyns, Wallstroms, d'Estaings, Carters, Chiracs, Hollandes, Merkels and goodness knows who else off the hook no matter how bad their own governing was. Because only somebody with an otherwise decent background like Trump's could possibly be a concern.

No wonder I woke up and recognized what a bad writer Rucka really is. Let's remember he was also one of the writers for the Infinite Crisis crossover at least a decade ago.

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Was Rucka worried about "the balance of power around the world" when Obama was helping Iran acquire nuclear weapons? Or when Obama and Hillary were arming ISIS? Or when Hillary sold 20% of the USA' s uranium to a Russian company that donated to the phony charity that is a front for the Clintons' political slush fund?

Save Obamacare. Because it's such a good thing for people who are not drug addicts to have to pay higher insurance rates for coverage that includes drug rehab. And for post-menopausal women to pay higher insurance rates for a policy that covers pregnancy, but does not cover cancer, heart disease, or broken bones.

The 'did not leave him off the hook' is sarcastic. Trump's people have been inconsistent about what happened at the meeting, but one of the versions has been that Trump did not let Vlad off the hook about Russian interference in the American election. Rucka is trying to say that this is ridiculous, and that in his view Trump got his marching orders from Putin instead.

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