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Saturday, December 22, 2007 

Dan DiDio continues to be comedic

Certainly by now he is. In the following interview with Newsarama (via The Beat):
There is a plan. There always has been a plan. It has been altered, twisted, turned, but there is a direction, a focus, and a reason for the way things are playing out in the DC Universe. If something occurred over a particular time that seemed to concentrate a particular “flavor” – in this case, death, then that is a mistake on our part to oversell it in a short window. But there is a reason for everything, there is a purpose for the story, and it ultimately goes to a better, bigger story at the end of the day which I think people will react incredibly positively to. I hope, at least.

Nothing is done haphazardly or done just to be gratuitous. The volume has been turned up for a reason. The panic that’s starting to permeate throughout the DCU is there for a reason. We are building to something called Final Crisis. There are spikes in the story as it moves forward, with endings and beginnings as we continue along. We tell periodical stories with continuing, larger stories interwoven throughout. Some of the characters live, some of them die, some return from the dead. The instantaneous reaction by some fans these days is amazing. A character dies, say, with Oliver Queen on his wedding night. The volume of the outrage over the “death” was just amazing – no one wanted to see how the story played out, or if they did, they were hopelessly outshouted by those who, for some reason saw that scene as the end of the story. As it’s clear now, it wasn’t the end of the story by any means. It’s almost as if a contingent of readers these days have lost the desire to speculate, to guess, to wonder about how a sudden intense scene, or even a death will play out.

For those people…may I introduce you to our trade paperback selection? As I said, I’m in the business of periodicals. We’re selling dramatic storytelling told in episodic fashion. The idea that people come back to try it again and see what happening is key to that.
How much more laughter will this pretentious editor continue to provide? And just because they'll publish something in trades doesn't mean anyone should pay for it, if it means a waste of hard-earned money. Curiously enough though, is he admitting that quite a few people have lost interest in whatever they're doing? Well, if there's a reason why the volume's been revved up in the DCU, then there's a reason why people are covering their ears too: what they're doing is pointless, and DiDio's refusal to admit that they've done more than a few things wrong, which could be too long to list here, is one of the problems. Unless he's willing to take responsibility and admit that they've been doing morally questionable and otherwise inappropriate actions, it's unlikely that anyone's going to come back, or that they'll even care to read Final Crisis.

They're certainly going to have to do a lot during Final Crisis though, if they want anyone to be convinced that they're trying to correct every mistake made, right down to the very last one. That's for sure.

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