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Sunday, November 29, 2009 

Roy Harper gets gored

In the fifth issue of Justice League: Cry for Justice, Arsenal, who for some time now has been renamed Red Arrow, gets his right forearm cut off (via Supergirl Comic Box Commentary). And writer James Robinson, I'd say, has hit a new low.

I suppose we can guess what might happen when the Titans replace the real League: Roy, if he survives, will have a cybernetic arm. I'm sorry, this is getting very degrading already, and even now, this present act of gore was unwelcome to begin with. Roy is another hero who's been misused once too often, and whether he gets his whole flesh-blood arm restored, it won't excuse the tasteless abuse already featured in this miniseries.

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For fuck's sake!!! Could somebody please put James Robison out of his fuckin misery?!
Kory S. | 11.29.09 - 9:33 pm | #

Poor Roy -- it really looks he got attacked by Hawkman out of jealousy over Kendra -- check out the last few pages and see if there's anyone else you can't account for after Roy leaves the room. Even Freddy is there, in spite of Kara's question. But would Robinson really interrupt the Prometheus storyline to have one hero attack another over a woman? I hope not, but it's the only explanation for what happens that actually works with the clues we're given by the art.
brainypirate | 11.29.09 - 11:09 pm | #

If Hawkman did attack Roy, it would be out of character for Carter Hall and totally inappropriate for a hero to attack a fellow hero. But even if it was a supervillain who committed the act, it's still way overboard, and throughly unsuitable for stories like these in the Justice League.
Avi Green | Homepage | 11.30.09 - 10:15 am | #

Many of my friends from the '03 animated series loved Speedy, so this won't bode well.
John K. | 12.01.09 - 1:28 pm | #

Wait, so Roy is Bucky, now?
John K. | 12.01.09 - 2:17 pm | #

I was thinking the same thing about the Roy-Bucky parallels, John. Shows an overwhelming lack of imagination, don't you think?
Thnunumber6 | 12.01.09 - 5:20 pm | #

Incredibly. That, or it's a bizarre and unintended parallel.
John K. | 12.02.09 - 1:30 pm | #

Unfortunately, lately every time I think "Oh, they wouldn't go THAT low!", they somehow manage to do so. *sigh*
Blue Jean | 12.02.09 - 11:05 pm |

One teeny tiny incestuous bunch of hacks writes 90% of this drivel, OF COURSE it isn't accidental, just horribly horribly unimaginative.

Man-Swamp-Thing-Thing, basically.

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