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Monday, April 26, 2010 

Geoff Johns' visions may have infiltrated even the Green Lantern DVDs

I'm certainly not pleased to see that he's got an interview included in the DVD of Green Lantern: First Flight, which isn't for children, if the following notes found in the reader reviews on Amazon tell anything. For example:
First off, I was surprised at how brutal some of the violence was for this cartoon. I know that these releases are not necessarily tailor-made for children, but this is no JLU episode. People are impaled, shot, torn through walls into the vacuum of space, and there is pretty much non-stop fighting through most of the 120 minutes. I don't have any problem with that, but it might not be to everyone's liking.
If it's influenced in any way by Geoff Johns, then certainly not. Another review says:
Others might raise an eyebrow to scenes of impalements, necks being snapped, and even of a ring's energy beam lethally punching thru a body.
If this happens quite a few times here, then I'm not sure if there's much to distinguish between this and what Geoff Johns has done to Hal Jordan's world. And another review says:
Credit Where Credit is Due: Much of the documentary material focuses on the current writers of the Green Lantern comics, Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi. And, so it should, as they have restored the Green Lantern mythos from a long run of mediocrity to renewed greatness.

BUT, there is virtually no mention of those who created said mythos in the first place!

Artist Neal Adams makes a cameo along the way, but there is not one word about editor Julius Schwartz, writer John Broome, and artist Gil Kane - who conceived the whole shebang early in the Silver Age of Comics! The Corps and its specific members, the Guardians, the Central Power Battery, the Yellow Impurity, the Planet Oa, Hal Jordan, and Sinestro - and The Oath.

ALL of it sprang from the minds, words, and pencils of these talented individuals - but you'd never know it by the focus presented here. Even writer Denny O'Neil, who (along with Adams) revolutionized the Green Lantern concept at the end of the Silver Age, is among the unmentioned. DC Superhero projects from WHV have usually been good - or at least adequate - on historical perspective of the source material. But, not here!
Wow, more like credit given where it isn't due! Why do Johns and Tomasi matter, but not the real past masters? It really does sound like political correctness got to this production. I'm sorry, but this just leaves me feeling even more depressed about the future of the Emerald Warriors.

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IMHO, it's the past masters (including Denny) who matter, not Johns and Tomasi

Times like this, I wish Tomasi never used my favorite title as a stepping stone for the road to Blackest Night.

I have an eerie feeling the GL movie will channel Johns' stuff.

No, none of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies are intended for young children. It's why they're rated PG-13. The violence in Green Lantern: First Flight isn't influenced by Geoff Johns anymore than it was in Justice League: New Frontier. It's the result of there being less restrictions when developing a cartoon for that rating's age range.

Why do Johns and Tomasi matter, but not the real past masters?

I can't speak for the apparent absence of the latter, but the former were there there because they were writing the characters when the DVD came out, and at a time when Green Lantern is especially popular with comic readers.

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