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Thursday, May 20, 2010 

Bloody Day #2: the bloodshed continues

The second official issue, not counting the one marked #0, has just come out, and Geoff Johns and company just can't take a rest from shedding more red. In a story that might be connected to the Martian Manhunter, this time we see:
...a mother turned monster/Martian slaughter her Rock Band-playing family with a knife to the throat, drumsticks through the chest and plastic guitar contusions. And that doesn't even touch on the random deaths and other grim topics, like Firestorm's blowing up or what have you.

[...] it seems like these three issues have been only about over the top killings and shock deaths. We don't know any more about the White Lantern than we did at the end of Blackest Night. We don't know why these particular heroes and villains were revived. We don't know who the badguy of this piece might be. It's three issues in and I don't see any story or build up towards a story - it's just a bunch of killings and two or three page spreads dealing with random characters reacting to the violence.


On the Manhunter side of things, J'onn's retreading his origin, something every Martian Manhunter miniseries and JLA story seems to want to do. This time, we're adding a daughter to the scientist that initially brought J'onn to Earth and we find out that the father and daughter brought some other Martian or alien menance to Earth before J'onn - presumably the mother that went nuts earlier in the issue and tore her face off to reveal what I thought might be a White Martian, but that doesn't seem to be the case based on what the professor brought through the portal in the flashback. I'm not sure how this really added anything to his origin or what it adds to the plot of Brightest Day. It also requires the question of how and why this monster/Martian had a family and children and what it was doing for all these years in hiding as a suburban house wife.
And by the time an answer is provided, anyone unlucky enough to run afoul of this latest vulgarity from Johns will surely end up with a migraine from all the shock tactics. If this is what Brightest Bloody Day has been like so far, it's quite likely that each consecutive issue will feature at least one page flooded with these horrors, and by the time it's done, Johns will have developed a thick portfolio of ugly, lurid exercises in gore to add to his record from past years, something no sensible person need waste their hard-earned money on.

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I'm not sure how this really added anything to his origin or what it adds to the plot of Brightest Day.

Somewhere in heaven, Julius Schwartz is weeping and facepalming

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