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Sunday, May 09, 2010 

What a bloody "Day" this is turning out to be

Found through this blog, we discover that any concerns Brightest Day would degenerate into Bloody Day were not for nothing. Is that what it appears to be? Throat-cutting? Oh my god. There may be some potential to the story premise coming before this where Aquaman and Mera save some kidnapped children from slavemongering pirates who're said to be an allusion to the recent cases of Somali pirates in Africa, but if Johns and Tomasi are going to feature a pointless gorefest like this afterwards, it ruins everything. But then, Johns has long ceased to surprise with his shock tactics.

And who is the fishmonger who commits the sadistic deeds? Apparently, it's Black Manta, Aquaman's notable nemesis who worked as a mercenary with a specially powered scuba-suit (he's so angry to hear Aquaman's back in action, he takes it all out on his customers). It was written that he was black too back in 1977 in Adventure Comics #452, in a story where he'd slain Arthur Curry's young son; actually a rather sloppily written item too, because, if memory serves, Manta was shown taking off his helmet underwater while speaking! But two or more wrongs don't make a right, and this current take on Manta is not helping matters one bit. Why is he working as a fish store operative now anyway? Surely he wouldn't be wanted by the authorities for his past crimes?

I remember when a decade ago, there were complaints about the overuse of the Joker and the deaths left in the wake of those stories where he was, which eventually led to the Joker being used less over this past decade. Unfortunately, within this time, Johns and company have done quite a bit to "jokerize" other villains in the DCU, and it's becoming quite tasteless, rendering many of these villains embarrassing to read about, including Inertia post-Rogues' Revenge.

And this is what they call "Brightest Day"? Uh-huh. "Bloody Day" would describe it much better. Now we certainly can't be surprised if this kind of sadism continues to occur as the miniseries goes on for another year.

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I'm Done
not ONE more comic bought from Marvel/DC - I will just spend my dollars collecting the issues from the time they actually wrote and cared about stories

Me, too WPDunn. Me, too.


I'm sorry, but I just don't have any rage left. And this is my favorite non-Transformers comic universe here being flushed down the toilet. I shouldn't be this numb to the pain.

Don't get me wrong, events and story arcs in the past made me pause, "American Gothic" in Swamp Thing - Miller's "Dark Knight" took me quite a spell to see the craft through his leftist haze, but the one thing i can say is Miller RESPECTED the character and ultimately his readership. Milar, Innis, Morrison, Quesada are so clouded with their anti-Americanism and the concept of goodness that they are destroying the very media that they supposedly "Love"

Why is Dreadful writers a label, Johns and Tomasi (spelled wrong) are great writers, and if your worst enemy had died and all was well, and then came back, you would be mad to, but since Black Manta is a murderer, he slits peoples throats. Plus there has to be some stuff like that other wise the series would be boring.

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