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Sunday, September 26, 2010 

Unbelievable: Bendis wishes for better comics journalism, or does he?

Who would've thought someone like Brian Bendis, who'd surely rather it be the other way around, would be asking for better journalism about comics. At the same time, he's attacking the comics blogosphere:
comics as an art form is in fantastic shape. the only things missing? thoughtful longform investigative journalism and critique. all we get nowadays are knee-jerk reviews and cut and paste blogging. which I have no problem with but it’s ALL we get. on a slow news week like this one I would love to see some of our better reporters rolling up her sleeves and helping the medium thrive. even reviews of trade paperbacks and graphic novels have seemed to have fallen by the wayside even though the sales are crazy large.

you’ll forgive me but I think that a snarky pseudo-hip attitude towards mainstream comics is uninteresting. if you’re a cut-and-paste blogger or comics journalist and I just annoyed the shit out of you… prove me wrong.

I am enjoying the e-mails from professionals agreeing with me but not wanting to stir the pot Cut and paste blogging is cut and pastes from an article from another source… then adding a line of comment & signing their name to it.

I’m sorry I got on my high horse, I just do love this medium and I know a lot of you out there do as well. I miss amazing heroes and for clarification I go to almost every cut-and-paste comics blog
Look who's talking! He misses amazing heroes? Well then why doesn't he just prove he can help them make a convincing comeback with plausible character focus included, and not just ruin superhero comics as he's done with the Avengers for more than 5 years now?

And who is Bendis to wish for thoughtful investigative journalism and especially critiques? He might actually wish he hadn't said that, because if there was, he wouldn't be so high and mighty, and the Avengers franchise wouldn't have suffered so badly, nor the Scarlet Witch. Then again, he confirms simultaneously that he's got no problem with knee-jerk reviews, so maybe he wasn't thinking clearly when he wrote all that on Twitter's database.

I'm actually rather proud that, as a blogger, he's attacked people like me. It just shows that he's unhappy with the opposition he does have in the blogosphere, fortunately, to the mess he made of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. An opposition that's finally managed to lower sales of his worthless works to less than 100,000 copies. And an opposition that's sooner or later going to dethrone him as Marvel's yes-man, ditto Joe Quesada!

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"you’ll forgive me but I think that a snarky pseudo-hip attitude towards mainstream comics is uninteresting."

Apparently, he believes only a snarky psuedo-hip attitude from mainstream comics is interesting.

When I posted the "amazing heroes" comment in my own article about the tweets (one of the other blogs I follow also brought it up), I received a comment that Bendis was actually referring to a magazine called Amazing Heroes. Apparently this did exist.


"you’ll forgive me but I think that a snarky pseudo-hip attitude towards mainstream comics is uninteresting."

Who was writing all those snarky pseudo-hip Marvel comics? Does he have an evil twin or something?

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