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Saturday, April 30, 2011 

Jim Lee and Dan DiDio don't do much to help matters

CBC News reports on the Superman-giving-up-citizenship publicity stunt, and says:
His proclamation, though, is somewhat doubtful since Superman came from the alien planet of Krypton and was "adopted" by a Kansas family.

Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio released a statement about the issue that did not clarify much: "[Superman] remains, as always, committed to his adopted home and his roots as a Kansas farm boy in Smallville."

They also reiterated in their statement Friday: "As a character and an icon, he embodies the best of the American Way."
Sorry, but if Superman does remain committed to the country he grew up in, then he wouldn't go to such lengths to make any announcements suggesting the contrary at the United Nations. A better idea would be to make clear that he represents peoples and ideas, not governments and policies. And more specifically, if DC really wanted to prove they respect American values, they wouldn't go to such lengths to create publicity stunts that draw attention for the wrong reasons. They haven't done much to clear up anything.

In fact, what if this has a negative impact on their movie-related biz to boot? The Portland Mercury said:
If the right-wing blogs get a hold of this one, there's gonna be hell to pay, especially when somebody realizes that David Goyer, who wrote the story, is also the screenwriter of the upcoming Superman movie directed by Zach Snyder and starring a British person as Superman. So they're neutering America's greatest superhero and turning him into a thug for the United Nations? This could make the Captain America mess look tame in comparison.
That's something to think about - those who put 2 and 2 together, realizing that David Goyer is scriptwriter for the movie (still in pre-production so far), could be too insulted to bother about that or any other comic-based movies they've got coming out. Lee, DiDio and Goyer may have unwittingly scuttled chances for the movies to have a serious impact. And for all we know, if failure follows this worthless publicity stunt at the movies, Time Warner may have done what to deserve it by not maintaining any true respect for the properties they're in charge of.

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As a life-long fan of DC Comics and its stable of chracters, here's my take on Didio, Lee and Goyer.

Didio: A poor man's Joe Quesada and yes, that is a base insult. Didio has done one thing very well in his time as EIC: insult different sections of the fan-base at every opportunity. If not for the miraculous success of Hal Jordan's come-back, this guy would have been toast long ago. Now co-publisher of DC Comics with Jim Lee.

Lee: As a penciller, he is very good. Other than that, what the h**l else does he do at DC? He is listed on anything and everything as "Editorial Director: Wildstorm" a branding that has produced nothing of note in the past decade. Should be "Creative Director: Missed Deadlines." Now co-publisher of DC with Didio.

Goyer: A very good, consistent writer. His run on JSA started out very strong, but he stayed on too long. Seems to just be caught up in this mess. Looks like a skinny Didio, which Didio probably likes.

There you go. The remarks from Lee and Didio were remarkably telling: they acted like they didn't know what was going on because they don't.

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