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Friday, September 23, 2011 

New Mr. Terrific premiere features Republicans as anti-science

This picture I found is from the first issue of the new Mr. Terrific series (where Michael Holt apparently now sports tattoos of his Fair Play motto), and seems to have an attack on Republicans featured, depicting them as anti-science.

If that's their little game now at DC, then here's something for them to ponder: leftists can be anti-science too. Which is why they should stop trying to perpetuate dopey anti-conservative stereotypes.

Back in the 1990s, DC actually avoided using a lot of real life figures and movements. Now, they're moving back to that again, and in some of the worst ways possible.

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Another thing DC have emulated off Marvel. How cute.

Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt had a nice chat on Hewitt's 9/22 radio show, discussing the anti-science shtick. Their point being that, if you say, 'the science or the debate is over,' then that shows how little you know about science. After all, Einstein is now proven wrong, as there is a new particle that's even faster than light.

As for the jab itself, it had no point other than for the writer to intellectually masturbate. Which say more about the writer than the story.

Stay classy, DC, alienate half the audience even further.

Makes me think of the self- proclaimed 'Skeptics' running around the internet.

Most are really little more than bigots who take their presumptions and then smash, Procrustean-style, the data to make it fit together. Then they pat themselves on the back for how wonderfully intelligent and superduperscientificlike they are.

In reality, they're about as open-minded and rational as Fred Phelps.

Hm, I guess Procrustes was more of a chopper than a smasher, but I think you'll see what I mean...

Both sides ignore science when it conflicts with their politics. The GOP is wince-worthy with their tortured claims that evolution is "just a theory". But look at RFK Jr and his doltish claims that vaccines cause autism, or the feminist firestorm over Larry Summers self-evident observation that very few women can teach higher-level mathematics and science because the standard deviations among men in those fields are so much greater than among women.

Any of you guys ever wonder where the guys who write such excrement got their PhD's in science or theology? I proudly admit to being a conservative, but I for one do not think that creationism and evolution are mutually exclusive, although I am waiting for the eggheads to explain how the Big Bang is scientifically possible without some other force at work (i.e., something created from nothing).
Speaking of Einstein, apparently none of the mental midgets working in comics today are aware he believed in God.

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