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Monday, September 26, 2011 

Scott Lobdell and Judd Winick lower the bar on Starfire and Catwoman

The latest controversy DC's caused and are hoping to get away with, no doubt about that, is turning Starfire into a one-dimensional sex object (who can't or won't recall her fellow Titans) and Catwoman having sensationalized sex with Batman.

Now, if this had been done under a more talented and respectable staff, with a contributor of Marv Wolfman's caliber, I'm sure all this could've worked out. But this is Scott Lobdell and Judd Winick helming the titles, the latter who's been a hack for DC for at least a decade now, and the former who's got very little to recommend from his time at Marvel, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that they're willing to stoop to shock tactics and transparent gimmicks for the sake of sales.

This may be one more thing that'll lead to a serious exodus from DC in the long term.

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Seriously, these people need a psychologist who specializes in sexual obsessions/ disorders. It's just plain creepy how they feel forced to jam this stuff into their writing. If they worked in the real world they'd have to register with the county.

Yeah, Kookaburra's right. Y'all are in good company.

You're in good company. This article made me blub: A Seven Year Old Girl Responds To DC Comics Sexed Up Reboot of Starfire. Be sure to check out the cartoon at the end with the college student who (used to) love Starfire before DC made one of our favorite aliens Penthouse Pet Of The Week.

If 7 year old kids can understand this, why can't DC?

"If 7 year old kids can understand this, why can't DC?"

My best guess is that this seven year old kid is a heck of a lot smarter than anyone at DC. She seems to be a lost soul from my generation - someone who remembers what comics used to be like. Heck, I remember when DC used to put little educational items in their comics regarding science and other things - I still remember certain things from them I use regularly today, many years later.
Lobell and Winick just need one more person to be in a male version of "Clueless."
My impression of these two men (sans the "gentle" prefix) think we actually care what they think about anything of a sexual nature.
I, for one, certainly don't.

Throughout the 40's-60's, the Wonder Woman issue had a nice feature about marriage customs in various nations. During Marston's run, it featured many real-life "Wonder Women" tutorials, like Madame Curie, etc. Can anyone imagine that in modern-day comics? Me, neither.

I just wanted to add on to 6's thought. Heh.

DC is trying hard to corner the critical Middle-Aged Basement Pervert demographic, at the expense of unimportant groups like kids, women, men with a shred of decency...

"DC is trying hard to corner the critical Middle-Aged Basement Pervert demographic, at the expense of unimportant groups like kids, women, men with a shred of decency..."

Kookaburra, I couldn't have put it any better myself!

Have you guys seen DC's response? Basically " it's not a comic for kids", as if the target age group is our complaint.

Hey Didddio! What DC (or Marvel) comic is for kids these days? My hair's starting to turn white and I don't wanna mess with it.

It's creepy to think that there exist guys who enjoy this stuff. These are the kind of weirdos who write fan letters to serial killers.

I'm a guy. I'm a guy with functioning hormones who wants to see heroines take it off, and get it on. I have no problem with Starfire being not sexually active, but sexually proactive.

But *even by that standard, the handling of Starfire and Catwoman fails*.

Starfire in RHATO was not Starfire. Not even a Starfire-gone-"bad". She was like...a porn actress made up to look like Starfire who wasn't being paid enough to fake it.

Starfire was always sexually active, and having a happy, healthy view of her sexuality. What we've got here is a female shaped robot who asks for sex. That's it. Fail.

As for Catwoman, her and Batman being together is always a good idea (I cheered when it happened in Hush, one of the only good ideas to come out of that particular train wreck, but that's another story for another time.) But the splash page of the together here was like something out of Rule 34. If say, Gail Simone had written it, you'd get essentially the same content, but with a softer, tasteful focus.

Even by the horny guy standard, they are, as the kids say, Doing It Wrong.

"She was like...a porn actress made up to look like Starfire who wasn't being paid enough to fake it."
ALL of the yes to you, sir. It was just so disappointing! I'm a gal and I also appreciate a healthy dose of sexy in my comics if handled well, but this just hurt my feelings.

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