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Friday, October 28, 2011 

DCnU Hawkman's new armor looks ridiculous

In this Newsarama interview with artist Phillip Tan, it's revealed that Superman isn't the only getting an absurd armor-like suit foisted upon him. Even the relaunched Hawkman is:
revealed to have a new organic-type armor, as well as a mysterious origin.
One I'm sure we won't need to concern ourselves with either. And the armor looks so silly, like it were turned into a male variation on Witchblade's armor. In fact, as Tan proceeds to tell:
As people have seen, the armor is more organic. It's alive. It's building on the character like a canvas. It's appearing out of his skin. It's not like he has to physically put pieces of it onto his body.

And this armor manifests whatever weapon he needs or armor for whatever part of the body needs to be shielded.

This will all be important as you keep reading the book.
Oh, I'll bet. This sounds more like a way to make things too easy for the protagonist, and makes him less vulnerable - and thus his battles less challenging - if he's going to wear armor that's generated with but a thought and can produce weapons to boot. Whether this take is based on the Thanagarian version of the Winged Warrior, it's still sci-fi trendiness run amok.

Also, it doesn't sound like Hawkgirl is going to be a part of Hawkman's world this time:
Nrama: So it's an adjustment for him to go from having Hawkgirl around to working with these other people?

Tan: You know what? I would not comment on Hawkgirl right now.

But to answer the other part of your question... yes, it's a big adjustment period for him right now.

Nrama: So I can't ask you if you have gotten to draw Hawkgirl?

Tan: You can't.
If Hawkgirl/Hawkwoman's not in this take, it might actually be fortunate, because she too could be subject to some grave political correctness just as much as her male counterpart.
Nrama: There are changes to Hawkman, but it's obvious you guys understand the character's past. Did you look at any of the old comics for your design ideas?

Tan: I've been reading a ton of old comics, but not for the design really. Jim designed the new one, so we've been working from that. The new design is what DC wanted, and I actually love the new one.
Ah, so in other words, that's an admittal that this was more the result of an editorial mandate, and we can't really expect even an artist to criticize their positions. And if anything, it certainly isn't a very appealing design.

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That looks both incredibly painful and incredibly ineffective. Is his new rogues' gallery going to frequently attack his legs and stomach only or something?

The New Coke DCU rolls on... sort of.

Which is more stupid? His new costume or the whole continuity gridlock he had with the Hawkworld series and in the late 80's?

You make the call! Heh.

Can you say War Machine's Eidolon "WarWear?" Or better still, the Guyver?


'As people have seen, the armor is more organic.'

Yeah, looks like somebody barfed on him.

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