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Tuesday, October 04, 2011 

DiDio claiming DC is now devoid of Crises

The awful head of DC has claimed upon his Facebook page that since Flashpoint, no major events like crossovers have taken place in the DCnU. As though that's going to convince anyone that with people like him still around, they're literally worth buying again.

And I've got a sad feeling that despite what he says, Identity Crisis could still be around there, certainly the crude, dismal direction it set. Speaking of which, the Newsarama blogger asked:
What I really want to know is, does this mean that Ralph and Sue Dibny are still alive now?
I've got a bad feeling the answer is "no", and this may not be their last crossover either. The moment sales flag again, they'll stoop to blatancy in crossovers yet again.

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That's nonsense. Crisis of Shrinking Sales is still ongoing.

So, if the original Crisis is gone, doesn't that mean Barry Allen wasn't gone for years now, and that Wally West was never Flash?

Doesn't that mean there's no Anti-Monitor, and thus Darkest Night didn't happen?

Doesn't that mean Don Hall should be Dove now? Or has Dawn whatsherface always been Dove in the New Coke DCU?

If there's no CoIE, then there can't be an Infinite Crisis, since that was predicated around Alexander Luthor and Superboy-Prime.

If there's no Superboy-Prime, then Blackest Night couldn't happen again.

If there's no Infinite Crisis, there can't be 52 parallel earths (or at least not for the same reason given in that book).

Also, there would be no Superboy-Prime punching reality, and causing some of the issues that started the Monitors trying to kill some of the characters in Countdown to Final Crisis.

And without CtFC, there's no Final Crisis. Without a Final Crisis, no "dead" Batman, no Dick Grayson Batman, no Damian Wayne Robin, etc.

Indeed, the 5 year window itself means there can't be an adult ex-Teen Titans, no 5 (?) Robins, and so on.

As always, this smacks of an idea cobbled together on a weekend bender by people who simply didn't know what they were doing. The New Coke DCU - except the Coke they were doing might have not been Coca-Cola.

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