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Sunday, October 09, 2011 

Some leftists still exploiting Superman's new direction for attacking Rick Perry

The dismal leftist Death & Taxes site is continuing their ridiculous exploitation/hijack of the Man of Steel for attacking GOP candidate Rick Perry. They begin by asking if Perry and Superman have the same "swagger", and go on to say:
Traced back to Shakespeare’s 1590 play Midsummer Night’s Dream, “swagger,” derived from a word meaning “to swing,” once meant “to move heavily or unsteadily.” Now the term’s more closely aligned with a masculine cockiness, an arrogance almost distinctly American, which is precisely why comic book writer Grant Morrison used “swagger” to describe DC Comics’ latest incarnation of Perry’s favorite hero, Superman.

“That swagger is part of what the rest of the world believes about America,” says Morrison in an interview in the latest issue of the recently relaunched ‘Action Comics.’ “I wanted to put that back into Superman, that attitude of ‘I know what I’m doing, I’m the biggest guy on the block…” That’s precisely the same approach Perry embraces.
Arrogance?!? Wow, they certainly do reveal their very own here, indicating they don't have much respect for being American. And it looks like Morrison is no better. In his mind, apparently, Supes is nothing more than a hotheaded know-it-all? Simply galling, as is the following tripe towards the end of the article:
The real question, though, is whether Perry will use that swagger to fight for truth, justice and the American way, like Superman, or whether he’ll use it to exert undue American force around the world.

We’ll soon find out, because the Republican presidential candidates are now unrolling their foreign policy stances, and Perry will have an opportunity to expand on his worldview, which thus far seems bafflingly muddled, and potentially dangerous. The Texas governor, for example, suggested we send U.S. troops into Mexico to crack down on drug cartels. That is not the type of swagger of which Superman would approve.
1]Superman's fictional, so whatever he approves of is irrelevant; it's what the writers helming the book do that's bothersome. 2]It's atrocious how they imply that it's wrong to crack down on drug cartels in Mexico, even after they increasingly stooped down a very dark, horrifying path to decapitations, and by doing so, 3]the lefty site suggests they despise what Siegel and Shuster created Superman for in the first place, which was to help innocent people worldwide, and that includes Mexicans whose lives have been destroyed by those drug cartel tyrants. I guess that means that if, under decent situations, circumstances and respectable editorial staff, a Superman story where he saves an innocent senorita who's been menaced by the cartels and helps rescue her hometown from the terror they're causing was submitted for publication, that would be wrong? If that's the twisted mindset they're going by, that altruism and responsibility are wrong, then those leftists at Death & Taxes are a pure disgrace.

And on top of all that, it's a shame how simple science-fantasy creations are being hijacked and turned inside out by people with no respect for what they originally stood for. It's also a shame how some moonbats don't even have the ability to appreciate when a conservative politician grew up a comics fan. In fact, I find it hard to believe these fools in the MSM are actually comics fans themselves if all they can do is exploit the famous creations for the sake of being contemptuous of the right.

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Even though, the link goes on about the current Fast & Furious scandal, it makes its point about the lack of MSM outrage over the loss of life at the Southern border:


I'm sure these are the same people who had thrills up their legs whenever Obama said he was a comic fan, back in the day? Hopefully, fans will be pointing out that double standard, sooner or later.

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