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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 

Toys R Us should not be selling Kevin Keller as a comic aimed at children

The American Family Association has come out against the Toys R Us chain's apparent sale of Archie's Kevin Keller comics in their stores. And I think I agree with them if anything, because it's not a good example and influence for children to depict homosexuality only positively with no negative arguments or takes allowed, nor any arguments on whether it's even a healthy practice.

This whole case has rather predictably enraged some of the leftist comics sites on the web, who again can't seem to decide if they want children to be a source of income for a falling industry or not. Yet something tells me that, were it an Islamic group targeting Toys R Us over this subject rather than a Christian group, they might remain silent. These are after all the same kind of leftists who'll promote homosexuality on the surface yet when gays and lesbians are attacked by jihadists, they fall silent and abandon them.

If Archie wants to sell a comic featuring a gay protagonist, that's one thing. But marketing it even within miles of being a role model for children and normalizing homosexuality is simply a poor example for a once decent comics publisher to set. They should not be selling the Kevin Keller comics within the framework of a toy business for children.

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I agree completely, Avi. It's just pathetic how far these leftists will go to normalize homosexuality and make it mainstream. What they don't realize is that it's a very small minority that somehow has a very large voice. Toys-R-Us should be ashamed of themselves for doing this.


As someone once told me as a same leftist I humbly disagree with you both on this issue. I think it wonderful what Archie is doing here the more we humanize people the less violence towards them we will see.


I meant sane

aka Dee

Dee makes a good point; however, I think the issue is the age at which kids are exposed to it. That should always be a legitimate concern, no matter whether it's about straight OR gay sexual matters.

Blech...more normalizing of weird sex practices. The tradeoff you get from promoting this stuff- a screwed-up understanding of procreation, gender, and even basic anatomy is doing more harm than it prevents. No norms= no society.

Amusingly, a number of the pro-gay activists have started bullying opponents (e.g. Santorum and various church vandalism incidents) at the same time their anti-bullying campaign has been ramping up. Proving once again that general asshattery is the real problem behind bullying and cruelty, and they don't discriminate.

I agree, Kookaburra. I've been called "homophobic" plenty of times by people because I'm not shy to admit that I don't support that kind of thing. I don't have a problem with them overall, but the way they go about bullying anyone who disagrees with them is what really bothers me, like that nut Dan Savage saying vile things about Santorum simply because he's a Christian and believes in traditional values.


As a 'leftist' who is also a caring, stay-at-home parent, you '1,000,000' or should I say '40,000' moms (thanks a lot for ignoring my contributions as a father BTW) should rethink your concerns. Why shouldn't my 3 and 5 year olds realize that their uncle, who is gay and married is a normal part of society. Why should they wait to be 'exposed' to that in the media when they are exposed to it in their own lives?

I was a child of divorced (heterosexual) parents and it made me feel better to see other kids like me in the media. It is just wrong to try and marginalize children with gay parents or relatives or parental friends in order to sustain the 'rightist' delusion that homosexuality doesn't exist or is somehow wrong. I have a suspicion that this somehow is rooted in the fear that it will 'make children gay', but that is not how homosexuality works.

That's because why it may be NORMAL for SOME families, it isn't normal for EVERYONE. What we're criticizing is how that particular group seems to think that their culture should be forced on everyone, which is why you see an increased amount of it flooding the media. It's like, okay, we know they exist, you don't have to keep reminding us.


One of the things that has always bothered me about the "normalization" of homosexuality is that much of it is derived from the results of the (in)famous Kinsey Report (a professor at my alma mater, Indiana University); what the lefties fail to mention (possibly because many of the younger ones do not know) is that Kinsey skewed the results to state that homosexuality is normal by including studies he had done with incarcerated criminals, many of whom had engaged in same-sex relationships because they didn't have much choice in the matter.

Anonymous (II?):
I have no problem if you want to teach your children what you believe. That is your right, but every other parent/grandparent should be afforded that same right wether we agree with your views or not.
The problem I do have, and I think others who have posted here, is that I am tired of liberals pushing such things at us, and our children, through books, movies,and TV shows because of some self-righteous desire to show the rest of us "the way."
How about this: You take care of your own back yard, and I'll take care of mine (without the "help" of you, the majority of writers in the entertainment business, or any other liberals).
Be seeing you.

Kids young enough to be reading Archie Comics are too young for any discussion of sexuality, whether gay or heterosexual.

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