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Monday, April 23, 2012 

Wonder Woman might not even be in print if writers like Azzarello keep this new direction

Or if editors and publishers like Dan DiDio are allowed to keep pulling the strings. The CSU Stanislaus Signal asked if Wonder Woman is doomed to remain in just printed comics because of all the failures to produce live-action adaptations. And also:
Any faithful follower of Wonder Woman could state all the inconsistencies to her characterization, such as a naïve hero, a powerless spy, an ambassador for peace and a cold-hearted killer. While Wonder Woman has found some stability during her latest reincarnation, Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s version is very different from the beloved feminist icon made popular by the 1975 TV series starring Lynda Carter. This new Wonder Woman is a brutish demigod from a race of Amazons that murder and rape men to continue their race of women warriors.
I'd written about this myself earlier of course, and if that's the kind of rendition they're going to go by, it may not even survive as comics anymore. "Stability"? Oh, I'll bet. The medium WW began in is probably better for her character in itself, but when horrific characterization like what Azzarello's forced upon the series is allowed to reign...it could one day lead to the downfall of even the comics series.

Also, given Time Warner's recent track record with scripting live action adaptations, that's one more reason why WW might be better off sticking to the comics page. A pity that even there, bad writing's been prevailing today.

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The new direction is horrible. It seems to me like the only one who ever got Wonder Woman was George Perez, even if he was the same writer who removed the American symbolism from her costume, but he probably did the most definite WW, even more so than her actual creator. And maybe Gail Simone, too, but she's kind of lost it recently given her comments about DC's reboot on Comics Alliance last year where she acted as an apologist for them.


Also, the writer of the CSU article seems to think that fans "are too critical about writers sticking close to the material," blah, blah. We know that some things will be lost in translation, but as one commenter notes if Hollywood can put out magic and myth-based movies such as "Clash of the Titans," "harry potter," "John Carter of mars," etc there's no reason why they can't do a Wonder Woman movie with mythology-based elements. Especially since that's her whole background. Hell, marvel did "Thor" last year and that was successful. and based on mythology, so why not WW?


If they really wanted to do something radical with WW, that might actually be good, they could keep the classic character, more or less, but change the origin to the female priesthood that left Egypt with Moses- the Ama Zoan (Women of Zion).

Couldn't be worse.

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