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Thursday, April 05, 2012 

Y: The Last Man demonizes Republican women

Found through this slimy leftist site called Death and Taxes just a short time after I read about the left's war on conservative women, I found out that Brian Vaughan's Y: The Last Man has a very insulting agenda:
GOP ladies are throwing down against ruling Democrats. Also, there’s a new president — the secretary of agriculture — and Israel’s being brought into the mix somehow.
And so is the 2nd Amendment and firearms, I guess. The moonbat who wrote about the Vertigo series even had the gall to say about the cover for the 15th issue:
...can you really resist a cover like this? If so, you’re probably a monster.
A description more befitting of the rabid leftists who come up with ghastly anti-conservative propaganda like Y: The Last Man. I was aware to some extent years ago that Vaughan may be a pretty shady writer, and this only confirms any worries we could have about the kind of leftists who get to spew their anti-conservative leanings under the protection of other leftists in the comics biz. According to Wired, while writing about his latest graphic novel called Saga:
Vaughan also writes for Hollywood — he spent three seasons as a staff writer on Lost, and is still working on a screenplay for Y: The Last Man. (It’s in development hell.)
Let's hope it never comes to fruition, but with the kind of people in charge of Tinseltown today, you never know just how much money they'd be willing to waste for the sake of something so embarrassing. And speaking of Saga, according to this review:
The political dimension is timely and deserves a bit of discussion. The general premise is there’s been a war between the two factions that’s gone on for so long nobody really remembers why. You can read just about any geopolitical ethnic conflict into that part, if you want to try hard enough. Such things tend to be deep-seeded and go back centuries. The exact nature of this conflict causes the opposing factions to outsource the war to other planets and subcontract it out to other races.

This is where it gets very interesting. You’ve got a little bit of cold war in that. Conflicts between the east and the west played out in third world countries. You got a bit more of sending the troops overseas to hot spots like Iraq, which is a bit more where Vaughan said he was drawing influence from at the Image Expo. He wants to explore, among other things, the idea of conflicts that the general population doesn’t see first hand. Blending it into this setting, it becomes a bit more than the sum of its parts, and with call-outs against political and religious dogma in the first issue, I expect such things will have their moments in the spotlight before too very long.
They may keep mum about what exactly is going on so far, which is rather typical of some leftists, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be very anti-war, and even negative to the US military, even if done as a metaphor. In which case Saga is clearly not something anybody should have to spend an eternity on.

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This is so edgy, I've never seen a comic that hates Republicans, guns and religion. This'll be at the top of my reading list once I'm done with my limited-edition Complete Literary Works of Denis Leary.

Gotta go, my tum-tum is calling for a latte at Starbucks!

This is definitely one comic I don't want to read, then.


Crazy is as crazy does. And there's no question the extreme left is chock full of crazy.

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