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Monday, July 23, 2012 

Grant Morrison's subtle anti-war statement for Dinosaurs vs. Aliens interview

Wired ran an interview with Grant Morrison and Barry Sonnenfeld over the Dominion: Dinosaurs vs. Aliens movie and comic adaptation they're working on, and Morrison said:
Morrison: Themes of apocalypse are very potent right now, as we live through a time of mass extinctions brought about by human intervention. Dinosaurs dominated the planet for 165 million years. Human civilizations has been around for 6,000 years and we’re already well on the way to rendering the planet uninhabitable for ourselves and other species. So it’s definitely worth using our entertainment media to talk about how that feels. Both dinosaurs and aliens can be seen as representatives of where we are as people right now.
That sure sounds an awful lot like an anti-Iraq war statement, implying that US intervention in Iraq, in itself, is what brought about "mass extinctions", and not the al Qaeda terrorists who sought to attack US forces and civilians in Iraq during that time. On the one hand, if Morrison's trying to break into cinema, that would be a blessing provided he abandon comics, but on the other hand, it would only mean that movies would be littered with all his junk as well.

In any case, I haven't seen or heard of many comics writers who've made the jump to the silver screen successfully, so I doubt he'd get very far in Hollywood anyway, even if they did like his brand of leftist politics.

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Sounds like a "global warming" dog-whistle to me.

Morrison's appeal seems mainly to be that in a decadent inward looking hobby he is the most decadent and most inward looking.

His silly magic delusions inform his beliefs the same way it used to be vegetarianism and animal rights activism back in his Animal Man days.

Basically, his insecurity demands that he needs to lecture other people. He should just shut up and stick to cranking out his pablum for his corporate masters.

I'm definitely avoiding this if Morrison is involved and if he has the gall to repeat the "humans destroying the planet" meme that you hear liberals use when trying to justify crap like "cap and trade." And plus I think humans have been on this planet for 10,000 to 15,000 years, not 6,000. So he's got that part wrong, too.

Hmm, I'd cut him some slack on this one. As Drizzt noted, it could be a global warming screed, but also could be pollution, overpopulation, and especially nuclear weapons.

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