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Friday, September 07, 2012 

Actor Jason Biggs shouldn't be associated with Ninja Turtles franchise

This past week, the actor Jason Biggs posted some offensive Tweets against vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan's wife Janna Ryan, and he even targeted Ann Romney. And this actor is whom Nickelodean's hired to do voice acting for a new cartoon based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. They've allegedly condemned his vulgar language, yet they're still keeping him on the voice cast for the production they've planned.

Biggs doesn't belong anywhere near products based on a famous comic book parody series, and if only Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman still had the rights to their creations, they could probably have put a stop to this abuse and desecration of the Ninja Turtles, and I'm sure they would want to. But they sold off the rights a couple years ago, and the executives of the Nickelodean cable channel have pretty much signaled they have no respect for the franchise's reputation.

The Colorado Rockies have already announced they're cancelling their Nickelodean Day in the wake of Biggs' nasty cracks (also via Big Hollywood). The network would do well to get that horrid "comedian" off the voice cast of the new cartoon. For all we know, they may have doomed its ratings already by continuing to stand by him.

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Yeah, I wrote about this back on Sunday:


Not only are they letting him stay on the show, Nickelodeon is also going out of its way to promote his Twitter account and have kids interact with him on there. Also, I think Sears has pulled its sponsorship for the show as well.

Yeah, I've been paying attention to it, especially from Twitchy.com, or Michelle Malkin's Twitter site. And being a big TMNT fan, yeah, this hurts, but I always thought Biggs was miscast in the role, anyway.

I know Sears has condemned the Biggs' Twitter comments, but I haven't heard about the sponsorship pulling. Not yet, anyway. We'll see.

So did I. I liked "Saving Silverman" but now after the bile he spewed out on Twitter, I'm more than a little reluctant to watch any movies that have him in it.

Understandable. I never liked American Pie or the franchise, so I was leery of anything Biggs would do. Especially because of that, it's why he shouldn't have been Leo, in the first place.

In a bit of foreshadowing, Kelly Hu, who voices Karai, snarked about Sarah Palin in the summer. I wasn't crazy about it, but that's life (and, frankly, pales in comparison to what Biggs said). Still sucks.

Oddly enough, I do like Saving Silverman in an odd guilty pleasure kind of way. But anymore, we can ignore that and him, especially after this.

Biggs' wife Jenny Mollen isn't much better. She also thinks that anyone who criticizes her husband is a "humorless bully" and that she's glad that the Huffington Post wrote a "takedown" of the critics.

This may cheer you up, Carl:


And both Chuck Woolery and Kristin Powers have criticized the Left's apparent silence on the issue, so there is some hope.

Yeah, I saw that, that's good. Say what you want about Ghost Hunters and TAPS (Paranormal shows are kind of a guilty pleasure for me), but Hawes is spot-on. Glad to hear that even liberals like Woolery and Powers are speaking out against this.

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