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Monday, September 24, 2012 

Some examples of violence-filled panels from Geoff Johns' run on Green Lantern

I found several pictures from the 4th volume of Green Lantern that Geoff Johns wrote, plus a few from the GL Corps spinoff mostly written by Peter Tomasi, and thought it an idea to present everyone with an idea of just how unsuitable Johns is to be writing GL even on a simpler level of entertainment. For example:
I'm not sure what makes this different from the notorious scene in Green Lantern Vol. 3's 54th issue where Major Force stuffed Alexandra deWitt's corpse into the fridge after choking her to death, except for that the victim is a man this time, and the mangled body gripped in Shark's maw is in clearer view.

Even Kyle Rayner is subject to visual abuse:
I sometimes had the feeling the people in charge of DC then and now, didn't like their own creation in Kyle Rayner no matter what they thought of Hal Jordan, and it certainly shows here if this is how they're going to treat him.

Speaking of Kyle, here's something else that further enforces the perception they have it in for their own character:
(Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 (fb, BTS)) - Sinestro sent Despotellis to Earth to infect Kyle Rayner’s mother. She eventually succumbed to the virus and Kyle blamed himself for not being able to save her.

(Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1) - Sinestro gathered Despotellis and the Sinestro Corps on Qward. Sinestro laid out their mission of using fear to make the chaos of the universe bend to their will, and to replace it with law and order. Their first step was to burn anyone thst would oppose their plan, so they had to destroy the Green Lantern Corps. They brought Kyle Rayner to Qward and stripped him of the Ion entity. Sinestro needed Kyle to feel fear, so he revealed that Despotellis killed his mother, and that none of the loved ones of the GLC were safe. As fear overwhelmed Kyle Sinestro infected him with the Parallax entity.
Ugh! As though the finale of the 3rd volume weren't bad enough, with Major Force pretending he'd murdered Maura Rayner (and Kyle momentarily surrendering his power ring), Johns added insult to injury by killing her off in one of the Sinestro Corps War specials. Yet the Guardians saw fit to elect this alien warmonger a member of the GL Corps again?
Another reason why Sinestro's overnight acceptance as a reinstated GL is preposterous: he does what he accuses them of, violation, by crushing their skulls against metal bars, in GL #8.
And here's an example of how bloody Johns has made fight scenes. They don't even seem to trade dialogue while clashing anymore.

Here's some monstrosities that appeared in GL #21-25 and GL Corps #14-19:
Just bloody knuckling, stabbings of the disgusting kind, and even a crude joke made with what must be Superboy of Earth-Prime about eating uranium. This isn't a Green Lantern comic, it's a rejected Friday the 13th screenplay. Combat and death in the GL's world are one thing, but gore is entirely another, and is ill-suited for the series.

And so, there we have an example of just how low Green Lantern's sunk under Johns (and Tomasi), and instead of being a fun comic, it's been drowned out by sensationalistic bloodshed that has no place in escapist entertainment.

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As always, makes me wish Johns played Street Fighter or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters, instead, when he was younger.

I like Mortal Kombat as much as the next gamer, but if it really influenced Johns so much... Or, for a compromise, Johns can do what Ennis did and go Independent, then he can do all the violence porn he wants, only keep GL out of it, hmmm?

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