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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 

Mark Millar thinks righties are the real problem in Europe

This week, Mark Millar was having discussions on Twitter about the EU referendum Britain's government agreed to run about whether they should leave the EU. He said:

I'd wish I could say I appreciate his understanding that the union was one of the worst ideas to plague Europe, what with its otherwise undemocratic and decidedly socialist-leaning positions. However, he then went on to say in reply to another tweeter:

What? He thinks that right-wingers would be the real problem? Sigh. Considering how socialism goes hand in glove with leftism, and if the EU intends to go the socialist route, why does he think that only a rightie would be the problem? And here when it's a right-wing politician (David Cameron) who's giving him the chance to say no to the EU!

If he really wanted to say something bold and positive, he could say that Britain needs a constitution just like what the USA's got. I'd sure like to see someone of his standing tell just what the UK could really use, but alas, that doesn't seem very high on his wish list. Too bad. Millar has only demonstrated why he's still the kind of comics writer stuck in a mode where he can only see rightists as the scapegoats.

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Millar's parents were Communists (international socialists), so he probably thinks "Nazi" (national socialist) when he says "right wing."

Of course, Communists are basically just Nazis with better PR.

Sad to say, Europe has little in the way of what we'd call conservatism here in the US. Individual freedom, free markets, opposition to tyranny, all that.

Really, I wouldn't want the UK to adopt the US constitution. They have their own lengthy legal tradition that deserves to be preserved.

Finally Europe is starting to wake up to the crap that's been foisted upon them and recover their identity and tradition. France, Russia and even some of Scandinavia is beginning to fight back. Not every nation is the same, nor should they be.

"National identity" in France and Russia is anti-Americanism mixed with statist socialism. You might call it fascism. I wouldn't call this a good thing.

American-style conservatism believes in individual rights, a restrained state, and a representative, accountable republican form of government. You don't find that even dreamed of in Europe.

The traditionalist movements in Europe are strongly anti-socialist, sick of the welfare state, gay crap, abortion and illegal immigration.

Not every country has to be a republic or a democracy; people got along for centuries without them. Jeffersonianism is something new on the world stage, fit for the American mindset but not necessarily anywhere else.

And 'anti-American?' Back before the Iraq war, all I heard was anti-French stuff. So we can do it but nobody else can express a negative opinion?

'Conservatism' here now connotes little more than a vague belief in low taxes and a side dish of foreign interventionism. You can believe in homosexuality and you're still 'conservative.' You can even hate and reap scorn on religion and you're still in the club. What are they conserving, the 90s?

The old American conservatives, pre- neocon era were closer to these supposed
'fascist' movements in Europe than they are to the pap in the Weekly Standard. Buchanan is the last of them, and he's considered some sort of freak by the in-crowd. Everybody's forgotten the early guys, Burnham, Kirk, Davidson, etc. Instead we get relative lightweights like Coulter or Limbaugh.

There are real fascists out there, and they ain't the traditional conservatives of Europe. I'm talking about the monarchist parties, the traditional Catholic and Orthodox parties. Human history goes back a lot farther than America, there are different peoples and the American way of doing things doesn't work there. It doesn't make them bad or good. Americans often make the mistake of thinking history began with them, or it all sucked until they came along. It isn't anti-American, it's just history and a recognition that people are different.

That was Bushbama's mistake, in launching their goofy crusade to turn the Middle East into something the Heritage eggheads would approve of.

Real conservatism looks to reason, family, tradition, religion, blood and ordered liberty.

Front Porch Republic is closer to actual traditional American conservatism,
but they'd be dismissed by some of the Breitbart or Pajamas Media types. or Jim Kalb's site, the Orthosphere, etc.

Traditional conservatism is something you don't find even dreamed of in mainstream American conservative circles.

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