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Saturday, February 09, 2013 

Kevin Smith cannot be a real comics fan

AMC interviewed Kevin Smith, filmmaker and occasional comics writer, who's definitely not very talented in the latter medium (and I'm not forgetting what a sick hack job he did with Karen Page and Black Cat when he worked for Marvel), and they gave a bunch of questions by comics readers that he could answer. And this one really scrapes bottom:
Q: Which comic book hero would you like to see as a villain, and which villain as a hero? - David

I'll go easy first: villain as hero would be Deadshot. He's a DC Comics character, he's a master assassin, has one of the coolest costumes in comic books. He's always trying to kill Batman, but even though he's a master assassin, he can never seem to get that job done. His character worked for the Suicide Squad at some point, which was indentured servitude to the government. These super-criminals were caught and the government gave them the choice: work for us and get your freedom or spend the rest of your life in jail. So Deadshot can be a force for good. His costume -- he's like the Boba Fett of the DC universe -- does most of the talking for him. He's got these wrist-gauntlet guns. So he'd be a cool-looking hero.

As far as the ultimate hero turned villain, I'm going to go with Ray Palmer as the Atom. Now follow me on this, this is terrifying: His ability is to shrink to microscopic, sub-atomic size. This guys gets into your pore, into your bloodstream, travels up to your brain on a red blood cell, and then goes normal size and just bursts out of your head. And I mean, how could you catch him? He's tiny. He could travel on cellphone waves. That's how tiny he can go! So, I say Ray Palmer as the Atom could be perhaps the greatest threat that comic books have ever known.
Oh that's disgusting! I'm guessing he was quite fine with Identity Crisis too. Smith's movies were mostly junk, and his comics writing is worse - after a delay for at least 2 years in completing the Black Cat miniseries he was working on, he finished it with a bizarre retcon for Felicia Hardy establishing that she was a rape victim. And if he's going to willingly answer such a question with something vulgar, then I'm less convinced than ever before that he's really a comics fan. All he's done and still doing is denigrating past writers' efforts and showing no thanks for the hard work they did to conceive decent escapist fare for everybody.

And if Deadshot is a master killer with innocents on his conscience, then he's not suited to being a hero.

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