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Thursday, April 04, 2013 

Graeme McMillan has yet to admit his mistake

A "look who's talking" moment: McMillan, who writes for Newsarama and has also written about comics for Time and Wired, doesn't like Dr. Ben Carson's description of leftists who believe guys like him should only go in lockstep with their belief system:

Uh, hasn't McMillan noticed that Carson's beef is with leftists like him? Or, is McMillan aware that it was the left that was advocating slavery before the Civil War, and the right led by Abe Lincoln were the ones who freed the slaves? In fact, if McMillan's got such a problem with Carson, does he have any similar ones with Justice Sonia Sotomayer for the statements she's made? And, does he also have any problem with the leftists who sent Dr. Carson "nastygrams"? Because those are precisely the very people Dr. Carson speaks of.

Which leads to another semi-related subject, something McMillan did on Wired almost 2 months ago when he was writing about the Orson Scott Card controversy and Superman: he called Card "anti-gay", and that he "has been outspoken about his homophobic views for decades." Pretty loaded, hostile descriptions alright. And I don't think that a guy writing for a major publication should be speaking so negatively.

When the Greensboro News-Record spoke about this, their article had a headline calling Card "homophobic", for which they took some flak for rushing to judgement so clumsily. They admitted it was stupid, and said:
Activists for gay rights are free to assert that opposing their cause equals contempt for gay people. They may construe Card’s many public pronouncements on the topic as hatred for gay people. That’s for them to say, if they wish, in the public arena that Card has freely entered.

But it wasn’t for the News & Record to say, not in a story that referenced Card’s views on marriage but didn’t deeply explore them or his views on homosexuality.

I favor news reports that have been written with authority, that say what’s really, really occurring rather that slavishly following the sometimes artificial “he said, she said” news writing convention.
McMillan's instantaneous dismissal of Card was not something written with authority, and as someone writing for the sites of major publications, he should've shown a bit more responsibility, the famous lesson from the debut of Spider-Man. The News-Record apologized for their error. McMillan, as far as I know, has not. Maybe he should take a cue from the paper and think about saying he's sorry, not just for his instant damnation, but also for selectively warping Card's words to suit his own one-sided view. He might also want to reconsider his negativity towards Carson.

All McMillan did was make comics coverage look unprofessional and lacking in grace. If he wants the wider public to get a good impression of the medium's representatives, he'd do well to adopt a better approach, even with people he doesn't agree with.

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The idiot didn't even know CARSON's last name, for cripe's sake. Yet another dopey LIV.

"Liberals" or "progressives" ARE as racist and prejudiced as the KKK. Their welfare programs and affirmative action programs are based on the assumption that black people are incompetent, and can't support themselves. They are lenient with black criminals, because they assume that black people are animals, incapable of behaving like civilized humans. And they expect all black people to march in lockstep with the leftist party line, because they don't believe that black people can (or should) think for themselves.

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