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Sunday, July 21, 2013 

Joe Hill and Ron Marz continue their rants against 2nd Amendment

Hill, a comics writer and novelist, along with Marz, continue their negative stances on the 2nd Amendment, this time following the Zimmerman verdict:

Yet not a word from them about the anti-Zimmerman protestors who assaulted Hispanic pedestrians in the streets, the threatening text messages sent to a Florida woman that were intended for Zimmerman, or even an anti-Zimmerman protestor who called for shooting "racist pigs". Nor do they seem to care that the protests themselves drew very small crowds.

And while we're speaking about Hill, he also wrote the following about Rolling Stone's cover featuring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that's outraged many Americans, especially Bostonians:

I think some people would blink if they suspected Time was coming within even miles of sensationalizing the subject, and besides, Tsarnaev did not deserve cover treatment as though he were a rock star. Instead of writing about the victims and police who tracked down that repugnant filth, they just had to give major focus to a savage. Too many mainstream news rags have been giving far more coverage to criminals than to the victims of crimes, and are causing serious harm and bias that way. Hill doesn't seem to have anything to say about the Rolling Stone editor who made a nasty tweet and had to apologize for it, nor does he seem to have noticed that quite a few celebs panned the cover as well, including Chris Evans, who played Captain America at the movies. If Rolling Stone collapses because of this atrocity, they'll deserve it.

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That "the money of the gun lobby" has thwarted the will of the people is the Big Lie. The NRA and other pro-Second Amendment organizations depend on grassroots support from individuals. In contrast, Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns reported revenue of $3,380,238, but only had seven donors besides Bloomberg himself.

Sigh. The RS editor is obviously too young and immature for his job. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case with most of the media these days. Reporting the news is one thing, making a terrorist look like a rock star is another. And Joe Hill's "how many kids die" remark, equating Trayvon Martin with the innocent victims in Newtown, is disgusting. Martin was old enough to enlist in the military. He had a criminal record. And the evidence indicates that he returned to the scene and attacked Zimmerman, not the other way around. And the mainstream media have done the same thing with Martin that Rolling Stone did with Zimmerman. They keep showing a photo of Martin taken when he was 13 or 14, promoting the "innocent child" myth.

Corrections: "that Rolling Stone did with Zimmerman" should have been "that Rolling Stone did with Tsarnaev." And Trayvon Martin did not have an arrest record, but he did have a history of juvenile trouble, and had been suspended from school.

Fun Fact: Having a history or juvenile trouble justifies death

"Having a history of juvenile trouble" does not justify death. But going through peoples' yards and looking in their windows justifies calling the cops, and may even justify following the person at a distance, to get a description. And bashing a person's head against a concrete sidewalk justifies shooting the assailant in self-defense. And the only reason Martin did not have a criminal record is that his drug use and receiving stolen property were swept under the rug, to keep the crime statistics down.

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