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Wednesday, August 07, 2013 

Leftist propaganda in the X-Men movie franchise

John Boot at Pajamas Media says that at least 4 leftist lies spoiled the series of X-Men movies and their spinoffs. I think 3 of 4 examples he gives have what to think about. The first one is about how animal rights are made to look more crucial than human rights, when Wolverine pursues a hunter who killed a bear with a poison arrow, and:
He finds the hunter in a bar, slaps him around and rams one of the man’s own poison arrows into the man’s hand, leaving him to die. Rough justice? No, that’s just murder.
Indeed. Why, if the bear had attacked the hunter first, torn him up with its big claws and teeth, and Wolverine just stood around and refused to come to the aid of the hunter, that would've made Wolverine complicit by simple virtue of failure to aid a person in distress. And what if the hunter had family who needed food? Why would the screenwriters want to come up with something that would almost make detesting mutants/people with superpowers seem justified?

The second is how the films make it look like gays and lesbians are throughly reviled in modern society, and says:
It’s pretty hard to be gay in the Muslim world, but you won’t find the X-Men movies or any other Hollywood production making that argument.

[...] These days, of course, you hardly hear a word from any politico about homosexuality unless it’s from a supporter waving a rainbow flag, so it’s a little disingenuous of the X-Men movies to pretend that gays are a besieged and hated minority.
I know that the 2nd movie had a scene that was a metaphor for "closet emergence", where a youngster lets his parents know that he's a mutant. In fact, at the time the first movie was made, there were already LGBT activists trying to hijack the X-Men, and sadly, they succeeded to some degree. Now, there are some mainstream comics where you can hardly find a moment where they don't force this kind of propaganda down the readers' throats.

The third is how a claim is made in the movies that women are as strong as men:
[...] a new character, Yukio, a martial-arts expert who is a mortal with no physical superpowers, is roughly as tall and thin as a hockey stick. She appears in Wolverine’s local tavern in the Yukon and blasts through the men by wielding a sword that she swings at roughly the velocity of a helicopter blade. She is presented as more or less the physical equal of Wolverine, a hulking 225-pound slab of muscle with mutant powers.

How does that work? A woman that small would barely be able to pick up a samurai sword.
Okay, now here, I don't fully agree, since many superhero comics feature utterly surreal stunts even with characters who don't have superpowers. Some are even wish fulfillment. Just look at Colleen Wing, who, while taller than Yukio, doesn't have superpowers either yet proves herself a master female samurai in Power Man & Iron Fist. While she didn't beat every male criminal she faced there without difficulties, she did train well in combat, and that's how she proved herself formidable. And if the new movie based on Wolverine was intentionally surreal with its co-stars, then we can't accuse it of presenting a false picture.

Still, there is a legitimate argument that can be made that, if women are given a false view of reality in movies, it's wrong and unfair to them, and could put them in danger. What needs to be taught is that, if a woman exercises and trains well in combat, that can give them an advantage, though it obviously won't guarantee they'll defeat every single male opponent who comes their way. If they're tall, that could give them an advantage too.

The fourth falsehood in the movies is how liberalism is all about tolerance, and that's certainly something I can agree with Boot isn't so. Unless those liberal who preach that stuff go by what Thomas Mann said was "tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil."

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There's still a pajamas media? Wow.

Latest X-Men film spoilers have a scene involving the Reagan inauguration. I'm sure Bryan Singer or whoever is in charge will imply that Reagan made all the Sentinels, or is responsible for "Days of Future Past." Just a hunch.

I heard Richard Nixon was going to feature in the film as well.

I think Singer (who is in charge) is a liberal and is also gay, so it's not surprising that these themes have cropped up in the movies (although he didn't direct The Last Stand), that he'd use them as his own personal filibusters on various issues.

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