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Saturday, October 19, 2013 

4 more tweets by Ron Marz

So the leftist in Marz is at it again, following the end of the government shutdown, saying things like:

But Obama didn't brew up a lousy healthcare program or even a lousy website for promoting it?

But Obama's administration did, along with pointlessly shutting national parks/memorials.

Neither is setting up policies that lead to financial difficulties for everybody who isn't part of the establishment.

But at least he's said one thing I can agree with:

Me neither. As I said before, those grownup male fans of the My Little Pony toys are an embarrassment to pop culture fandom. Even Mr. Potato Head toys would make for better fandom choices than that. Maybe if he'd just concentrate on the ups and downs of fandoms for toys, he'd be getting somewhere.


Marz's attitude is basically: "Since Obama took office, unemployment has gone up, taxes have gone up, and insurance costs have gone up. Damn Republicans!"

A Park Service employee told the Washington Times that orders came from "the top" to barricade the monuments and make the shutdown as painful as possible. Even if Obama did not personally give the order, he allowed it. He would not send a special ops team on a rescue mission to Benghazi, but he sends goons to barricade monuments. He won't try to stop illegal aliens from entering the US, but he bars US citizens from visiting public parks. The Amber Alert hot line was temporarily shut down, but Michelle Obama's website stayed on line without interruption. The Amputee Coalition's fund-raising event was cancelled, while illegal aliens were allowed to have a rally on the National Mall. But then, what can you expect? This is the same president who doesn't want Americans to own guns, but he wants to supply weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yeah...because people like MLP:FiM because of the TOYS and not because it's one of the few decent animated series to come out in a while that actually gives people some glimmer of hope again...jerk...

Nice comments. Benghazi, a Michelle dig, illegal aliens AND the Muslim Brotherhood. However, you missed talking about the birth certificate. You guys are slipping!

Mateo-Morales: well you do have a good point about the need for escapism and enjoyment; that's something everybody needs. Even so, I do think the Bronies are taking an awful risk of making menfolk look juvenile. There are plenty of creations and franchises built on mirth aimed at guys that could use their attention, all without making them look like kindergarten clowns. That's why I think a little maturity is needed when looking for famous creations to build fandoms for.

Nice comments. Benghazi, a Michelle dig, illegal aliens AND the Muslim Brotherhood. However, you missed talking about the birth certificate.

Hey! We sound just like creators like Marz, only in reverse! The only difference being, of course, that we don't think our position automatically makes us so smart!

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