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Thursday, October 24, 2013 

The leftist lunacy of a CBR staffer

Let's take a little look at the leftist side of a would-be comics and manga "journalist", with the case in point being Brigid Alverson, a writer for CBR and even MTV's Geek section (though if memory serves, they recently stopped updating that part of the site). Here's several tweets she posted at the time the US government shutdown was ending:

I'm going to take issue with this in a special way, and almost laugh: why would she think Fox is any worse than CNN or BBC when they've had their share of bad contributors just as much as the other aforementioned 2, and done some pretty reprehensible coverage of specific issues too? IMO, it's kind of laughable a leftist would think Fox is any different from the demagogue news channels they already uphold. Sure, there are a lot of issues Fox has proven capable of covering well, but they still have quite a few serious minuses too. Plus, I really don't get why the left have a problem with a company where a Saudi prince - surely the last kind of person they want to criticize - owns a share of stock.

If she's hinting she's disillusioned with Obama, at least that's one plus on her part. But then, she should show the courage to actually say so.

Is only Congress capable of "appropriating" everybody's money? Not the government in itself? Not even Planned Parenthood? Isn't Obama's ideas for "redistributing wealth" a form of appropriation? And why is only Congress the one who can't be trusted? What about the guv'ment, huh? More to the point, aren't liberals capable of doing wrong and making mistakes?

But the government healthcare plan doesn't?

Whoa, what's this I'm seeing here? An inability to admit that government staffers could do the same? Why, what about the people running Marvel and DC Comics today? They aren't ruining their famous comics products while doing everything they can to preserve jobs they don't deserve? That's pretty much what Paul Levitz was doing when he did his own micromanaging for the latter back at the time he was a senior publisher, with very few of his steps having a positive effect, if at all.

Would she say the same if she were a staffer for a Democrat-run outfit or a stingy union-run business?

Do those richies include liberals/Democrats? Wish she'd be more specific.

Is she referring to Obamacare, or just to the shutdown? Even CBS admits the former's a travesty.

Well at least we know where she stands on that issue. Sigh. Now, what's she saying about the Koch brothers:

Tsk tsk tsk. I really don't care about the Koch brothers, but I do think it strange if she considers them worse than George Soros, who spends more money for conservative-bashing than he does for helping say, innocent people in danger of the jihadist slavemongers in the Sudan. Gee, how original to say that the Koch bros are the worst thing that could come down the pike and demand a boycott of their output, all the while failing to suggest we boycott Marvel and DC until they rid themselves of the mindsets that caused all the worst disasters post-2000. If the Koch bros decide to buy/create a comics company, will they call for a boycott of that too?

What a shame she has to waste time on such nickel-and-dime concerns. After seeing this, I think I'll try to buy some food products from Koch Industries, if they have anything good.

And with that, we've learned a bit about how left-wing comics news reporters can think, much like scriptwriters for the same.


"Treasonous!" Hearing that from a "progressive's" mouth only induces guffaws of the highest order.

"Wannabe journalist is crazy." Very old story. A big reason why I dropped my j-school second major waaay back when I was in college.

It's also obvious she isn't actually old enough to remember the Clinton years if she longs for a strong leftist leader. Clinton's "leadership" was simply rubber-stamping whatever Gingrich and company put on his desk. Extremists like Alverson were actually frothing at the mouth over it at the time.

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