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Friday, November 22, 2013 

Another gay character in X-Men

This one comes courtesy of the awful Brian Bendis. The character's name is Benjamin Deeds, and his codename is Morph, which I vaguely recall might have been the same name given to a character who appeared in the animated cartoon broadcast in the mid-90s.

Needless to say, if this is what the X-Men is going to amount to, nothing more than a platform for LGBT and other left-wing agendas, then I don't see how they expect it to have wide appeal anymore. Few of the other Marvel series have been exploited as badly as the X-Men have for these kind of issues. I suppose their next step will be introducing Marxists to the mix?

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lol Wow.

1) How does having 2 maybe 3 characters all of X-Men being gay equal to suddenly it being a platform for LGBT? Suddenly no character can be gay without it being a "left wing agenda"? And it's mentioned in passing dialog once, and it's very briefly. So how is it a platform or an agenda for anything?

2) Exploited? How exactly does having a gay character on a team exploit anything or anyone? Unless you want to pretend that gay people don't exist, then it stands to reason that there are going to be characters who are gay.

3) Marxism? Really? Going from having a gay character to suddenly Marxism, how are you not grasping at straws at this point?

If you reject the traditional understanding of sexuality and marriage, then yes, you are pushing leftism. You may be so immersed in this crap that you can't see it, but it's still there.

It doesn't help that the homosexuals are now using hard-Left tactics, as seen during Prop 8 or their lovely term of "Prop Hate." Meaning, if you cross them, they will make your life hell, as seen with the various Churches demonized in 2008.


Well, Marxism isn't necessarily off the mark, either, pardon the semi-pun.

Oh, for future reference:


I'm always amused how people think something being "traditional" automatically means its right or correct. And anything that's not "traditional" is therefore "crap".

Or how someone with a different understanding to what *You* deem "traditional" then they must be "pushing" leftism. As if its impossible for conservatives to have such opinions or that someone could identify with qualities from both political sides. No, no can't have that. You must either be left or right; you're either with us or against us.

Such childish nonsense.

If you don't think marriage is marriage, yeah, that's a pretty good indicator you're a leftist.

The isn't whether "marriage is marriage", Drizzt. That's tautological.

The issue is over the different views of marriage and whether having a different view on marriage than someone else automatically constitutes being "leftist".

And if you think someone having a different understanding about marriage means they "don't think marriage is marriage", then that's a pretty good indicator that you advocate the childish nonsense mentioned above.

No, anonymous, the issue is if marriage is marriage - and, conversely, if non-marriage is marriage.

Hint: redefining terms to "win" a debate? Always a sign you're a leftist.

You could argue (convincingly) the marriage issue was lost by conservatives when no-fault divorce was implemented. But arguing that you can change the definition of marriage, by definition, is a leftist position.

To the original post, though, X-Men has long been LGBT friendly. Lest you forget, Mystique and Destiny were originally supposed to be Nightcrawler's parents.

Marvel comics are far-left fantasies these days. Have been for decades. Don't be too shocked when they start promoting polygamy and incest (which, technically, they already did in the Ultimate universe with that version of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver).

Saying the issue is if marriage is marriage is tautological nonsense. The issue is what is meant by the term marriage.

Words and terms are redefined all the time. That's how our knowledge and understanding progresses. The fact that you think these things change in order to "win" anything instead of giving equality shows just how much of childish mentality you really have.

And saying that is a leftist position implies that no conservative could ever hold such views or that someone that could identify with qualities of both the left and the right.

This is not a "leftist" position, it's a human one.

I'm sure you'd like to think so, anon. And thus begins the dehumanization of anyone who disagrees with you. Leftists going in that direction always works out well.

I havent dehumanized anyone who disagrees with me, Drizzt. My last sentence could have been written better though. What I mean is that the issue is not a left or right issue. Its a human one.

No, I think you stated your view quite clearly the first time. Good day to you.

That's right Drizzt, just ignore anything that conflicts with those preconceived assumptions of yours.

You seem to be good at that.

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