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Sunday, November 10, 2013 

Tom Brevoort won't clarify his opinions

Brevoort, who's long become a joke as an editor for Marvel, got a message on his Tumblr site from a guy who'd researched the Koran, noting that Islam is a religion of violence and deceit, in response to their launching a series with a Muslim lead. At first, Brevoort's only reply was: "Straight from the 1950s". Then, he got another message saying:
So instead of refuting my argument, or challenging my assertions, you simply say "you're anonymous so that's why I don't answer your questions." So instead of answering you turn the point into an attack on the validity of the poster on the already fairly anonymous internet (as if I couldn't make a tumblr account that is 99% anonymous...). You'll make an excellent republican strategist one day...
He merely replied:
Go ahead and make a tumblr account that is 99% anonymous then.

People with names get priority.
Looking at his site with a lot of the already nameless queries posted, that's disputable. Then, he got this message:
"Straight from the 1950s." Really Tom, are you that ignorant? Have you actually read the Koran, cover to cover? I have. Have you actually studied the origin of Islam and its history? You folks did a tribute book to the heroes of 911. Did you forget that event already. I am not a bigot, I am a realist. You don't see Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, or people of any other faith carrying out unprovoked attacks on innocent men, women and children do you? Islam is a religion that promotes hate.
And he just merely replied:
I certainly remember the events of 9/11.

I do not extrapolate the actions of specific people into a blanket condemnation of all similar people.

That is bigotry. That is ignorance.
Good grief, Tommy, don't hold back, tell us how you really feel! If you don't think there's any difference or distinction between race and religion, just say so! We're not taking people belonging to specific races to task, we're just taking people of specific ideological standing to task, as per the belief of Martin Luther King, that we should judge people by color of character and not color of skin. Obviously, Brevoort must realize there's evidence to back up the argument that Islam is a hatemongering belief system, yet he's so callous and selfish, all he can think to do is find another way of saying, "I know better than you/everything I'm talking about, so shut the crap up. I don't want to talk about it". By his logic, it's wrong to even condemn communism, and at this point, quite a few leftists have apparently shifted to that opinion too, unfortunately.

This does make me wonder though, what Brevoort thinks of the late cartoonist Will Eisner, whose last graphic novel, The Plot: The Secret Story of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, dealt with anti-semitism in the Muslim world, as he himself boldly stated in one of his last interviews to the New York Times in 2004. Do people of Brevoort's standing consider Eisner the ignoramus they won't admit they themselves happen to be? Maybe Brevoort doesn't think so, but he's condemned a decent man like Eisner along with pretty much every sensible critic of Islam. I've got a bad feeling that if Eisner were alive today and tried to point him in the direction of facts, he'd shun him as badly as he did the people who asked him questions on his site.

Once, Brevoort was a well regarded editor for Marvel. Now, he's proven himself completely unworthy of the job he's got. Nor does he make a good successor to many of the past veterans with better grace and manners than he has.

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Brevoort doesn't see (or won't admit) a distinction between race or ethnicity (over which one has no control) and religion or political ideology (which one chooses). We can't condemn all Germans for the Holocaust and WWII, but we can condemn all Nazis. Similarly, not all Arabs are terrorists, but all Muslims practice a religion that advocates terrorism.

Brevoort probably would shun Will Eisner. He might also shun Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who advocated judging people by the content of their character instead of their race. The politically correct party line today is, "All white people are evil racists, all black people and all Muslims are innocent victims. No exceptions. And anyone who disagrees is a racist."

I wonder when Brevoort will chastise his fellow creators for all their generalizations about conservative Americans ... not just in the pages of their work, but on social media as well?

"I do not extrapolate the actions of specific people into a blanket condemnation of all similar people."

... unless they're Southern, Christian, and/or conservative. Then it's okay, right, Tommy?

Geez. How little self-awareness some people have.

Idiots like Brevoort rarely step outside their progressive bubbles and talk to people with differing opinions.

Indeed, seems that the only acceptable targets in comics today are white, Southern, conservative and Christians. Criticize anyone else, and you'll be labeled a "bigot."

Unrelated, but he irony is that I've never been called "racist" by minorities. The only people who have done so were white liberals.

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