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Monday, December 09, 2013 

Mark Waid had an argument with a feminist, and didn't handle it well

Looks like Mark Waid had quite an argument with a feminist who's not happy with how he discussed everything. I'll try to post the most notable parts here:

Waid went overboard with profanity, and I'm curious to know if he realizes that the Elongated Man story from the 52 macro-series in 2006 - which he penned, even if he didn't write the ending - was building off the misogynist story in Identity Crisis. That's but one reason why it's just as terrible. And, does he realize that by whitewashing Islam in Daredevil, he's letting an ideology dangerous to women off the hook? How does he expect to make his cases convincingly if he has it both ways?

Whether patience is needed to solve problems with awful attitudes towards women in comics - something DC and Marvel still have problems with even now - Waid isn't helping with his double-standards of recent. Nor is he helping by losing his temper instead of dissenting politely with the lady he spoke to. That kind of cavalier attitude does no favors for comicdom.

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LOL -- Waid against a radical feminist? No winners or losers there, just profanity and screaming, guaranteed.

Cripes, one wonders why Waid gets so f***ing upset so easily. Your average joe would KILL to have what Waid has, achieve his success. Yet for some reason he possesses some serious anger issues. Hopefully, he'll get some meds for the affliction.

It's liberals vs other liberals in this case. Nothing but screaming and childish profanity and name-calling.

Hell, I'd kill to have Waid's job. I have so many ideas that I have to put to paper.

Pass the popcorn. Shame they can't both lose.

Oh, wait. Maybe they can... ;)

Indeed. Waid has become quite emotional, lately, but don't know why.

And the feminist was okay until her last tweet. Whoops.

Oh, well, liberals are more emotional, I guess profanity is the only way they can talk to each other -- how else can we explain Aaron Sorkin?

LOL, Killer Moth. I can't stand that hack Aaron Sorkin and his liberal shows, either. I hated the West Wing and I hate the Newsroom, too, with its lead character calling the Tea Party the "American Taliban." I thought that was pretty damn disgusting, and shows you that Sorkin is another idiot who has never actually talked to a Tea Party conservative, but just invents straw men instead.

Waid really needs to take a chill pill. If he worked in any other profession, he'd be fired if he acted like he does.

Hey Avi, speaking of feminism (well, Wonder Woman, but since she's a feminist icon, she counts!), how do you think they'll portray Wondie in the DC Cinematic Universe in terms of:

1. Visual Beastitude/Power

2. Keeping true to her Greco-Roman god roots.

After seeing Man of Steel, I have no doubt that the first one will be delivered on, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I feat the whole Clarke's Law idea they had for the Asgardians spilling over into her depiction and it suffering because of that.

Mateo-Morales: it's a good question. I'm sure Warner Bros. will remain true to her having super-strength, for example, and that they'll stick with the Greek mythology William Marston drew upon. But it still remains to be seen if they'll go by the original premise that WW was formed from magical clay. If they decide to use Brian Azzarello's retcon, they'll be resorting to cheap tactics for the sake of getting ideas for how to craft an origin story.

There's also the question of what kind of science-fantasy villains they can add to a screenplay. The Cheetah would be a good choice, and I think they could add a few "plainclothes" villains as well, who could still use sci-fi weaponry.

In the end, it all boils down to how talented the screenwriters and directors they hire are, and if they know what kind of ingredients will make it work.


So, you think they'll go for a Clash of the Titans like approach to the Greek Gods?

Yeah, they could do that. Maybe with Ares, the god of war, as the leading villain in the story.


I really hope that, if Ares is in there, one of his earliest scenes sets the difference between him and the MCU portrayal of the Asgardians with dialogue along the lines of:

Ares: JUST an extra-dimensional being? Hardly. For, though Olympus is in fact not of this earth, you'd do well to remember that the gods were often referred to as 'Heavenly,' 'Celestial,' and, of course, 'Not of this world.' Regardless though, in the end, though I can work within the physical laws of the Universe, I can also enslave and bend them at a whim whenever I so desire. Like, nullifying the law of gravity for instance.

*Stomps foot*

*Justice League goes flying into the air*

*Ares turns into a giant and snatches them in his giant hand*

Ares: Or the supposed 'law' of Conservation of Mass. THAT is the difference between magic and any force your pitiful mortal minds can comprehend.

I had to Google that cockamamie term "mansplaining." That is one of the dumbest "words" I've ever heard. Shows how childish feminists are.

Oh, and beastitude is not a word, either.

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