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Tuesday, February 04, 2014 

Batman vs. Superman movie features a younger take on Lex Luthor

The Motley Fool reports that Warner Brothers are casting the role of Lex Luthor in the film for a younger actor in a move reminiscent of Smallville on TV:
Jesse Eisenberg, best known for films such as Zombieland, The Social Network, and Now You See Me, has been cast as Superman's archenemy in the 2016 film. Reactions have been mixed, with some fans decrying the casting as worthy of ridicule while others are excited to see what Eisenberg brings to the film. [...]

Eisenberg's casting shows that the film will feature a younger Lex Luthor. This is similar to how the character was portrayed by Michael Rosenbaum in "Smallville," putting him similar in age to Superman instead of being an older character as many of the rumors had him pegged. Given Luthor's skill with technology and Eisenberg's age, it's possible that this version of Lex will be an opportunistic tech-industry whiz kid; I wouldn't be overly surprised to see the producers draw influence from the likes of Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg for the new Lex because of the younger age at which they came to prominence.
This actually compounds the assumption even more that this is going to be a fanboyish production, and dampens the prospect this'll be a film with real intelligence. And, once again, they've made a divisive choice for casting, or at least for the villain's age.

And goodness knows if this movie will turn out to be cartoonish in a way that doesn't work well.

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On the other hand you should go read this article:

Hayao Miyazaki: Anime Suffers Because the Industry is Full of "Otaku"


And don't a number of anime programmes feature very young characters in implausible situations?

And another one on one of the real reasons why the anime industry declined is due to people who don't learn from anything else other than anime.

I don't really have a strong opinion one way or another about Luthor's age. Silver Age (1960's) canon was that Luthor had lived in Smallville, and that he and Superboy knew each other when both were teenagers. That would make them approximately the same age. But that version contradicted Luthor's first appearance in 1940, in which he and Superman first met when both were adults. (But, presumably, the 1940's stories took place on Earth-Two, and the 1960's ones were on Earth-One.) Maybe the Modern Age stories, with Luthor as a corporate CEO and/or as President of the US, portray him as significantly older. But long-running characters always end up getting revised to reflect the changing times, and, IMHO, one version is as valid as another.

Eisenberg as Luthor... um... yeah.

Could work, I guess, but to me it's yet another signal that they haven't learned from the problems with MoS.

The Luthor character has no powers (or at least he'd better not), so he has to more than measure up in intelligence and personality to keep up with Superman. Eisenberg was fun in NOW YOU SEE ME, but he's not likely to match up on either of those scores.

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