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Wednesday, March 12, 2014 

Mark Waid loses his marbles again

He rants about conservative opponents of Obamacare, got into a quarrel, and here's some of the tweets:

More of his colorful dialogue can be seen at Twitchy. Well he needn't worry, I stopped reading his comics at least a decade ago, and think it's terrible that a man who once turned out decent fare is now acting like such a creep; something you won't see in his comics interviews. There's more coming in on his feed now as I write this:

Why doesn't he take a look at the tweet that started it all? It sure gives the vibe he's talking about any and all "Repubs". So he's not happy Republicans/conservatives/whoever read his comics years ago? What a shame. That's how he thanks them?

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Mark Waid really has gone off his proverbial rocker. He has some serious mental and anger issues that he should get checked out. I'm glad Twitchy has posted his rantings. Now non-comics fans can see the kind of lunatics that currently populate the industry.

Don't like it in the slightest, but his rants are more lively than his current writings, I have to say.

Waid, like Brevoort, can't take part in any kind of rational debate. Whenever anyone expresses an opinion contrary to his own, he goes off on a rant. Anyone who disagrees with him about anything must be a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, etc., etc. Name-calling is always easier than addressing the substance of an opposing argument.

LOVE that Twitchy picked up what we've known about this douchebag for quite some time. :-)

Wow. It's hard to be mad at someone who could write something so repeatedly and obviously self-contradictory as those tweets, though.

Hopefully, it's not serious mental illness. Maybe just the 21st century equivalent of kicking the dog because of other problems in his life. Or maybe drunk. Or both. Sad.

Can you stop bashing Mark Waid?

Hey, look it's an anonymous troll. If you don't like what Avi has written, ignore it and go somewhere else.

If Waid can't take the heat, he needs to stay out of the kitchen.

Can you stop bashing Mark Waid?

Maybe when Waid starts acting like an adult instead of a 5 year-old spoiled child, that'll happen. Until then, especially given his penchant for opining on politics and reacting with venom to those who disagree, you can forget it.

Waid writes in caps and uses sarcasm and the F-word. So, obviously, his statements must be true and accurate.

Anonymous Mark Waid fanboy: Yeah, because you claim it's "sarcasm" means it's OK for him to go off on unhinged rants, right? No. He meant what he said. He's full of venom and hatred for those with whom he disagrees. He's demonstrated that on Twitter many times. Hube has dealt with Waid's immaturity on Twitter in the past.

And like Hube said, Anonymous Mark Waid fanboy, we'll stop "bashing" Waid when he starts acting like a mature adult instead of a petulant kindergartener with severe anger management issues.

Assuming you're the same Anonymous who asked Avi to stop "bashing" Waid earlier in the post, if you don't like what's written here, go somewhere else. One thing that's wrong with modern fandom are fanboys like you who defend their favorite creators no matter what.

Waid should know that if he's going to go off on politics, he should EXPECT criticism and for people to disagree with him. But that's why he and other writers stay on Twitter; they have legions of fanboys on there that will come to their defense no matter, just like Anonymous Mark Waid Fanboy.

I was being rather sarcastic myself when I said that Waid's rants "must be" true because he capitalizes words, drops F-bombs, and uses sarcasm. Unfortunately, irony is the most easily misinterpreted form of satire. And, yes, Waid needs to learn that others have the same right to express opinions that he does. -Tom

I apologize for being rude to you, Tom. I thought you were the same guy who was asking us to stop bashing Waid. Again, I apologize.

You're right about irony being the most misunderstood form of satire. Some people probably think Swift actually wanted to eat Irish infants. Or that "This Land" was a patriotic tune.

Again, I apologize for being rude. I thought you were that other Anonymous guy.

No big. A lot of people thought Jonathan Swift really wanted the British to eat Irish babies, that Randy Newman hated short people, and that "All in the Family" glorified racism. And "This Land is Your Land" still gets played at patriotic events (e.g., Fourth of July celebrations), so a lot of people still don't get that, either. Irony is always tricky, especially so in text, where you don't have facial expressions or tone of voice to clue you in to the actual meaning. But I'm not being ironic when I say that Waid is a moonbat who can't rationally debate anything, because he goes off on a rant whenever he hears a different opinion from his own.

Come to think of it, I thought Randy Newman's "I Love L. A." was ironic, but I later heard that he really does love Los Angeles. So the misunderstandings go both ways. -Tom

waid is an absolute creep - hits on girls at cons and is notorious for trying to come off as "just a nice guy" when in reality has immense anger and control issues.

there is a reason he doesn't stay in one place too long, he has a reputation within the industry. and if you cross him he'll try to use his power and black ball a fellow creator.

seriously, not a good guy

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