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Wednesday, March 12, 2014 

Tom Brevoort disrespects ex-Muslims while admitting he doesn't care to research Islam

It all began with this CBR interview where he makes a fool of himself by saying:
I would be a terrible editor for "Ms. Marvel" because that is not a culture I understand anything about. I just don't have the background in it -- I'd have to research it. I could do that, but it would be clinical research. It's not genuine. It’s not my experiences. But the folks working on that title (Muslim editor/writer) have that experience, and bring it to the project.
Even if they hadn't gone out of their way to produce such an embarrassment at all costs, Brevoort's still a terrible editor. He proved that the moment he and Joe Quesada greenlighted Avengers: Disassembled, the catalyst for some of the worst modern company wide crossovers, leading to a situation where they're all stunts all the time. Now, he's letting everybody know he's not a man who cares to educate himself about other cultures, setting a poor example.

Cartoonist Bosch Fawstin, a former Muslim himself, confronted him on Twitter, and in the end, Brevoort just broke down into an insult:

Brevoort did not take this well, and finally, he replied to Fawstin and other tweeters:

He knows nothing about Islam, openly admits he doesn't even care to research it, thinking it would be "clinical" only, yet he casts judgement and declares that no man or woman who leave the Religion of Peace are allowed to criticize their former lifestyle. He's not very honest either, or he'd admit he thinks only Judeo-Christians are allowed to. One of the tweeters said in reply:

Yeah, maybe little Tommy is! At the same time, based on Islam's hostility to LGBT, if he supports Islam, then he must be a homophobe!

Later on, after this took place, he said:

I assume after he realized he blew the whole argument, he took the easy way out and shunned all the dissenters. Poor man. He just isn't brave enough to admit he makes mistakes.

And why was he editing books featuring Captain America if he hates "jingoism"? Does money trump ideology? If he doesn't like patriotism, he shouldn't be working on anything remotely connected with Steve Rogers.

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The left-wing mind on display: Willfully ignorant, yet still insisting on having an opinion.

And smearing anyone who brings facts and experience to the table.

And espousing the completely contradictory platitude, "Our purpose on this Earth is to learn things and discover things."

How much you want to bet he's never wanted to learn much about, say, growing up as a Baptist with libertarian political leanings in the South? :)

Leftists don't like facts. I think Bosch, as a former Muslim, would know a bit more about the religion than a moonbat like Brevoort would. But instead of listening to fact, Brevoort and other like minded moonbats frequently dismiss legitimate fear of Islamists as "jingoistic rhetoric" or "Islamaphobia."

"Our purpose on this Earth is to learn things and discover things." Uh-huh. To quote William H. Buckley, liberals claim to want hear opposing views, but then are shocked and discovered to find out there are opposing views. Brevoort was confronted with someone with different views, and instead of having an honest debate, resorted to childish name-calling and blocked someone for having a dissenting view.

No honest debate is possible when one side tries to deal in facts and logic, and the other just resorts to hysterical rants and name-calling.

Ms. Muslim was a a terrible, kneejerk cry for attention to begin with. All I see with it is Marvel saying "Look how open-minded and topical we are!", yet they ignore Islam's deep contempt for women, its intolerance for other religions, and the fact terrorists these days use it to justify your actions. But in typical libby fashion, Brevoort can't be bothered to do a little Googling or leaf through the Koran to understand what kind of trendy agenda his comic is promoting.

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